27 year old Journalism graduate currently living in the big city! Self-confessed spend-a-holic, with a particular weakness for black clothing ("Women who wear black lead colourful lives" ya know) and nude lipsticks. Other obsessions of mine include f45, ANY form of trash reality TV, RnB slow jams and being the centre of attention. My greatest achievements  in life so far include only dropping out of uni once, writing off two cars in one year and appearing on First Dates.

I work in social media and I absolutely LOVE my job! Until I landed myself a graduate job, I worked at Topshop. My love for fashion, together with my love for writing, is the main reason for me starting my blog. Expect lots of wish lists, style notes and beauty product reviews. As well as some tongue in cheek humour about my daily life, and some topical issues. (When I say topical, think more of the TV & Showbiz category on the Daily Mail website as opposed to BBC News.)

Enjoy, and please comment! I love reading them and will try and respond to you all.

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  1. Hi Claudia,
    during lockdown I've found myself re-watching Sorority Girls for the first time in years and I'd almost forgotten how much you where the life and soul of the house. It was a shame when you were cut because there were less entertaining girls who could've gone and it would've been nice to have watched more of you. My favourite clips of yours were when you freaked out when confronted by that lamb carcass in Scarborough because you'd taken everything else in your stride and when you were playing golf.
    I saw that clip of you on first dates as well and I thought 'I've seen her before on TV.
    Best wishes,