Wednesday, 12 January 2022

Who else is doing damp January?

The reason I say Damp January instead of Dry January is not because I'm setting myself up for a fail, it's because it's my best friend in the world's 30th birthday this month and I wanna celebrate! Plus, it's a bottomless brunch, and unlimited orange juice or tap water just isn't reeeeeeeally the same. 

So! 12 days in! To be honest I'm not really craving booze?! I've got through 2 weekends - the first I was pretty hungover cos my boyfriend and I got wasted on NYE, and the second I kinda liked having a chill weekend after a pretty manic Christmas. We've decided to do #DampJan together, so next weekend we have booked one of our favourite classes at 1Rebel, brunch and then tickets to a quirky lil immersive exhibition at 180 The Strand, so it's looking like we're gonna breeze through another booze-free week (touch wood).

It's actually been quite fun looking for things to do that don't involve alcohol, even though at first we were both like wtf are we gonna do...... cinema? But there are so many useful websites that actually share good stuff as opposed to 'candle making' or 'a walk down the Thames' or something like bowling or mini golf. Sorry but every single bowling/mini golf/activity in London has a bar on site so there is no way I can go without gagging for a large vino as I make my way v.badly through the game.

Here's a couple of things I've booked/want to do this month/for anyone cutting down on the bevs that are actually fun:

  • Get tickets to a show on the West End (I've booked tickets to The Book of Mormon with my housemates)
  • Explore a new area of London (we're going to Notting Hill)
  • Get tickets to an exhibition (there are LOADS of cool ones online)
  • Make a list of restaurants/brunch spots you wanna go to and tick a couple off (check here for inspo *cough* shameless plug *cough*)
  • Cycle to Richmond park to see the deer
  • Meet up with a friend you haven't seen for a while for coffee
  • De-clutter! I have so much free time during the week so I'm using it to list old clothes on eBay or take books I've already read to the charity shop
  • Take your time cooking something boujee (I'm absolutely shite at cooking so thank god for my experimental boyfriend or we would be eating sausage and mash every night)
  • Download a no-drinking app! I am so sad that I actually buzz off ticking off another day of sobriety (I've got one called dry days - it's really basic and shit but does the job)
  • Book a holiday! We're saving so much money this month on not going out (London is pricey man) so we've managed to book 2 city breaks! We're going to Lisbon for 5 nights next month and Berlin for 3 nights in March - if that isn't motivation then I don't know what is!
  • HANGOVER FREE ZONEEEEE! God it feels good to wake up fresh every day! I normally drink at one during the weekend and once during the week (minimum lol) so it's making a huge positive impact on my mental health, productivity and energy levels (aka me Apple Watch calculates me doing more than 10 steps on a Sunday)
Who else is having a go at Dry Jan? Share your tips with me on IG or Twitter!