Monday, 3 May 2021

I'm Moving Back to London!

Can you believe it's been a whole year since I moved back to my mum and dad's house? I actually remember like it was yesterday when they made the TEN hour round trip to come and collect all my stuff and bring me home, crying literally all the way in the back seat surrounded by all my worldly belongings. Well, when I say 'worldly belongings' I mean my Yeezy's, my makeup collection and the medal I got when I ran a half marathon in 2018 because I will probably carry on telling anyone who will listen to me talk about it for the rest of my life.

Fast forward 14 months(!!!!) and although I thought the day would never come, I feel like I'm now at a point where I can look back at the year with happy and cherished memories and not want to block them out/inject myself with a tranquilliser dart and wake up in 2025 with amnesia. 

After a couple of very unsuccessful house viewings back in the City, I've finally found a place in East London that I'm going to be moving into next week! It's HUGE, has a gorge open plan kitchen with exposed brick and loads of natural light and a brand new kitchen and the bedrooms are on another floor level so it feels so much more like a home and less like a stale old flat. I mean, I loved my old flat but it gave off severe crack den vibes- the entire ceiling of the bathroom was mouldy and the shelf was hanging on by a thread, my bed was about as stable as a Nature Valley granola bar and the fireplace was cemented over so there was definitely a body behind there, but it was very loved and I have the best memories there! Now that I actually have a move in date, I haven't stopped browsing homeware online and I can't wait to actually get in and start furnishing it to make it all cute and homely and warm. Well, when I say start furnishing it, I'll probably let my housemates take the lead on that because my aesthetic is tacky af and I'm not sure its the right vibe for a communal lounge.

While I'm soooooo excited to get back to London, this is the longest I've lived back in Preston since I was about 22, and I've had so much time to spend with my amazing friends and fam and get involved with things I would usually have to miss out on (and get major #fomo.)

I've lived in the same house since I was a baby (fun fact: I was actually born upstairs in my mum and dad's bed!) so it feels so nostalgic to be back here in my old bedroom. I love coming downstairs every day to my dad sitting in the kitchen with a cup of albino tea cos he poured too much milk in and refuses to waste ANYTHING, taking a sneaky long lunch break so I can sunbathe in the garden, picking up my cats all the time for no reason and getting yelled at by my mum for harassing them, spending every evening throughout the week getting stuck into a new series of some form of crime drama with an excellent selection of snacks with my parents, being extra dramatic about my mum smuggling red lentils into absolutely any recipe she touches and being on the verge of calling Childline/999 when my dad jumps out from behind something and scared my so much my heart rate has literally doubled (big up the Apple Watch.)

Not to mention things like going for a long walk every Sunday with Sarah and Luna and putting the world to rights/ranting/crying/howling/chatting shit for 3 hours and buying a shit coffee from the same shit place in the park and complaining about it but doing it anyway without fail- all whilst getting our steps in because #health, being able to be there for birthdays and big announcements and not having to find out over WhatsApp e.g. when Liv broke the news about her being pregnant!!!! (Then crying for 2 hours because I was so happy for her/had been necking gin since 1pm), having drinks at mine and forcing Rach to play the 95th game of UNO, telling Hayley a story about my weekend that manages to be more outrageous than the last one (how it's even possible anymore idk), cycling to Suey's every Thursday to watch a horror film and not actually watching a single part cos we've just talked the whole way through, Friday drinks at Katies which always get waaaaay out of hand, belting out Tom Grennan/Celine Dion/Tinie Tempah/whatever else comes on Spotify shuffle in Sammy's kitchen.

Overall, I feel like the pandemic has really taught us to find the joy in little things- something I hate to admit I rarely did before! I thought I had to have actual plans to make the day felt like it counted, but after the countless hours I have spent on my friends couch just laughing at nothing, or just walking through the same park every week and still looking forward to it a whole year later, I've realised not everything has to be a grand gesture at all.

Very photo heavy and annoying that they aren't all there same size BUT I just wanted to share a snippet of the last year in photos. So grateful for the last 12 months and so excited to see what the next bring!

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