Tuesday, 27 April 2021

~brief charity interlude~

My big brother and I are cycling 100km from Manchester to Blackpool because a) we're athletes and b) to raise money for Homeless Hounds- a dog charity our gorge and selfless mum has spent many hours fundraising and volunteering for.

Homeless Hounds is local charity to us, consisting of a group of dedicated people who believe that the unnecessary destruction of healthy dogs is both immoral and unacceptable. Their work is funded by peoples kind donations and their own fundraising events. Their trustees are unpaid and do not receive any expenses, so every penny goes towards saving dogs lives.

Basically, they rescue animals that have been dumped, abandoned or injured by families who have decided that they no longer want them now that they aren't cute little puppies. They have a 7 day period to get adopted or temporarily fostered by loving families who are wanting to give them a second chance to be loved. (omg as I'm writing this a sad song has just come on my Spotify and I'm welling up here)

Any donation is very much appreciated! And anyone who would like to loan me an ice bath/, 5* luxury spa facilities or new legs for the day after is very much appreciated also. Please bear in mind Callum is a literal Royal Marine and I am a potato so can do with all the motivation in the run up to July 4th.

My original target was £200 but thanks to my extremely generous friends and family we have smashed it in less than a week, so I have upped it to £500. Thank you so much for the support!

Donate here!

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