Monday, 18 May 2020

Little Things I Miss the Most About London...

1. Picking up a copy of Time Out at Clapham South tube stop on a Tuesday morning and reading it on my way to work, taking photos of all the activities I wanna do that week (but most likely probably forget to get tickets for).

2. Yum Bun at Dinerama. Or the roti wrap at Camden Market. OR the duck burger at Broadway Market. I currently live in Preston where people class Nando's and Turtle Bay as 'street food' so the chances of ACTUAL street food aka authentic Chinese slow-roasted pork belly bao's, juicy Indian chicken roti's or French confit duck oozing with blue cheese on a brioche bun are absolutely non existent.

3. F45!!!! I know that the people that know how much I bang on about this will be eye rolling into 2021 but home workouts just aren't the same. I miss the trainers! I miss the studio! I even miss the changing rooms at 7.25am where the ratio of women to showers is 700:4! But I especially miss my one ab that since lockdown begun is looooooong gone.

4. Cycling to Brick Lane for a beigel on a Saturday and riding past loads of people trying to balance the 3 enormous house plants/cactus they've just bought from Columbia Road Flower Market in the one small shopper tote bag they brought with them. 

5. Walking past any massive bus parked anywhere near Brixton Academy and hyperventilating at the thought of being so close to A CELEB. (Bearing in mind I've lived in London over 2 years now and I haven't even bumped into an extra from Hollyoaks on the tube never mind someone actually worth hyperventilating for. (Plus it's probably a school bus or a coach trip.)

6. Meeting friends for a hideously expensive brunch in Balham on a Sunday morning and at least half of us turning up hanging/still pissed and talking unnecessarily loudly about the grimey deets from the night before.

7. Walking across ANY bridge and stopping to take 78263 photos of it.

8. Walking down Oxford Street and getting stressed about the number of tourists just stopping in the middle of the pavement to take a photo of a red bus going past (and then stopping to do the exact same.)

9. Walking to the tube stop after work on a Thursday and every pub being absolutely jam packed from 5 onwards making it absolutely impossible not to stop by 'for one' (or 5) and ending up bumping into some old friends.

10. Going to an outdoor cinema, necking a bottle of warm white wine, snuggling up under my blanket, talking through the whole film and have my XL bottomless popcorn blow over the 3 rows in front of me every time I get it filled up.

11. Bacon naan's from Dishoom. and the Ricotta Hot Cakes from Granger & Co. AKA the best breakfasts in London (don't @ me.)

12. Complaining about how much a single glass of prosecco is in any pub but buying 4 anyway and wincing every time I tap my card on the contactless machine in case it declines.

13. Watching anything on TV that has been filmed in London and then cycling to all the different locations just to see them.

14. Being too poor to afford a haircut/colour from anywhere other than booking a random place with a special offer on Treatwell and it ending up being a Turkish Barbers and I leave the salon with 3 strands of hair in a blunt bob.

15. Stocking up on loads of cans of G&T from Tesco and sitting on the Common or London Fields in the sun with a big group of friends, which turns into hitting up Netil 360 or another rooftop bar, which turns to sunset and another pub and then someone house for more drinks. Absolutely nothing beats a summer in London!

16. The 30 min photoshoot at my fire escape looking front door before we go on any night out.

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