Wednesday, 29 April 2020

5 Things I Have Learnt During #Lockdown

  1. I’m really enjoying being back home! I’ve moved back to my parents’ house up north due to COVID-19, and it feels so nice to relax and actually spend time with them. I usually come back home for a weekend every couple of months, but it’s always so hectic trying to fit in time with my friends and my family, and everything just feels rushed. I moved to Sheffield for Uni when I was 18, then came back home for a year when I was 23, moved to Yorkshire for a year when I was 24 then went straight from Yorkshire to London so I haven’t spent this long at home for about 5 years. Not to mention I am really appreciating my garden! I spent the weekend sunbathing with an audiobook and I could never have done that on Clapham Common without a) being rudely awoken by a rogue football knocking me out or b) being persuaded into necking 74 cans of G&T and ending up in Infernos. The peace! The quiet! The tranquility!

  2. As much as I’m also enjoying being out of London because it feels good to blow my nose and see that my bogies aren’t black from all the air pollution and I can step outside my house and not have already spent £10 just by breathing. But my GOD I can not wait to go back to spending £17 on a single G&T in the Mayfair Hotel! I am salivating at the thoughts of throwing £45 away on bottomless brunch at Jones & Sons! The thing I love most about living in the capital is that there is always something to go see or do. A new restaurant, a gig, an event, a brunch, a pub quiz, a food market. There is never a reason to be bored and I swear to God when this is over I am never saying no to social plans EVER again. 

  3. People really do love to complain about everything, huh? Like everyone else, my screen time has sky rocketed since lockdown was announced, and it’s become very clear the amount of miserable sods who have something negative to say about e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! My God! Have a day off! So what if someone wants to bake banana bread for the 8th day running? Who cares if someone has been smashing out a new 5km PB every other day and wants to upload their Strava report? How is someone making another TikTok using a Gemma Collins voiceover affecting YOUR life in any way? Especially to the point where you’re writing tweets or status updates to try and belittle them? If it makes them happy, then let them be happy. Blowing out someone else’s candle isn’t going to make yours shine brighter. Stop being so bloody negative! Also it makes YOU look boring as fuck.

  4. That brings me on to my next lockdown discovery, I love running! Well, 'love' is probably a bit strong, but it has become such an effective coping mechanism for me throughout the last month. I've never really been a runner, mostly down to the fact I am a slave to f45 which is a strictly treadmill-free zone, plus I ride my bike everywhere instead of walking, so the fact I am out here running 5km's most days (as well as a 10km every Sunday) is a shock to the system! It works for me because it feels good to be out in the fresh air, it fits nicely into my lunch break and I'm concentrating so hard on not going into cardiac arrest that I stop thinking about all my personal problems and it gives my brain a little break from all the overthinking I've been doing. PLUS, contrary to the point above, I love seeing people upload their Strava maps! Such a good motivation boost when I wake up feeling a bit 'cba'. Which is most days. LOL.

  5. And the last realisation. I really don't care about materialistic things atm. It might be due to the fact I've worn the same 7 items of clothing on rotation for the last 5 weeks, but my birthday is coming up next month, and since FOREVER I have wanted a pair of white Balenciaga Triple S trainers. But now I'm just like ??? Do I? They cost the same as a month's rent, they're gonna be wasted being worn in my house and by the time I'm allowed to wear them out of the house it's probably gonna be winter. I think I would rather save the money and put it towards somewhere long haul when it's safe to travel again. (Oh my god... Am I growing up?!)

What have you learnt during lockdown?