Tuesday, 28 January 2020

What's a Hollywood Wax REALLY Like?

Before I tried it out for myself, just hearing the phrase ‘Hollywood Wax’ sent a shudder down my spine. I wasn’t so nervous about getting my vagina out to a random stranger, it was the actual hair removal process! I would say I’ve got a pretty high pain threshold, I mean, I’ve had piercings, tattoo’s, laser removal, lip filler, eyebrow threading, things that I would presume are probably up there when it comes to extreme discomfort, but I tried out my mum’s epilator a couple of months’ ago on my leg and OH MY WORD. It hurt so much I didn’t erven get through half a leg! Apparently, epilating is the same as like 80 tweezer pulls at once, but my God it felt like I was peeling the top layer of my shin off with an electric Brillo pad.

But you know that they say, you’ve got to suffer for beauty! (I tell myself that every time I get Botox) and I had heard from so many of my friends that it’s the first appointment that’s the killer, and then each one after that is a walk in the park, so I booked myself in for the full works.

Like I said, the idea of getting naked from the waist-down to a total randomer wasn’t a problem, just imagine how many vag’s, bums, ballsacks and armpits they have waxed that day? It probably just feels the same as a Morrisons check-out assistant feels when they scan the next persons shopping. Strip Wax Bar have a couple of salons dotted around London, with one being in the perfect location just up the road from my boyfriend’s house. They’re open until 8pm on a weeknight too, which meant I could nip up after work. The salon itself is so stunning, everything looks luxe, the woman on reception was so lovely and welcoming, putting me immediately at ease.

I was introduced to my therapist, who took me into a private room and explained the process to me. I won’t lie- I was SQUEALING like a piglet but she was so professional and gave me a little two-minute breather whenever I needed one (which was after every strip.) There was even a TV on the wall to take your mind off things, which was a lovely touch, and the sound of Homer strangling Bart drowned out the sound of me wailing. (Can you guess the TV show?)

The whole appointment (including rest breaks for me to scream into the pillow/hyperventilate into a brown paper bag) took about 25 minutes, and I know I can’t upload a picture of the results because a) my boyfriend would dump me and b) I would have to take a payment because people pay good money for that kinda stuff, but my vagina was looking GLORIOUS!

I’ve since been back to Strip for another Hollywood wax the following month, and it was nowhere near as bad! If I told you the pain for my first wax was a 9, and the second was a 3, that helps to put into perspective. My therapist told me that now I can leave 5 weeks between appointments, because with waxing, the hair grows back very few and far between, which I’ve noticed after just 2 appointments!

Book your bush trimming on the Strip website here.
And remember, don’t shave or wax for at least a month before for the best results- good luck!

*my appointments were gifted, but all views are 100% honest.

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