Wednesday, 25 September 2019

London Date Night Ideas: God's Own Junkyard

Every Tuesday morning I will grab a copy of Time Out magazine. Without fail And even though I circle at least 6 things I plan to do/restaurants I want to eat out/new bars I want to visit, I rarely follow through with any of them. (Most likely due to having a busy schedule or just totally forgetting.)

HOWEVER, God's Own Junkyard is a place I have wanted to visit since I moved to London. I remember seeing it on Zoe LDN's IG and thinking it looked like the coolest place on earth. Now that I've lived here for just over 18 months I've started to tick most of the most Instagrammable places off my list: Elan Cafe, Tonight Josephine, Restaurant Ours, the orange tree at Sushi Samba etc etc, but I was yet to visit God's Own Junkyard.

I had seen photos of it on Instagram, and on 'Best Free Things to do in London' articles, but WOW! It looked so much more amazing in the flesh! It isn't as big as I expected, but every single inch of the room is crammed full of the loudest, most garish, eclectic neon signage and pieces of art. There was a huge great white shark head (which I have decided is an absolutely necessity in my future home), there was a life size status of Mary covered in LV logos with Chanel Wings- basically a room full of random fluorescent shit I never knew I needed. Kind of like if the Blackpool illuminations and Tonight Josephine had a love child. 

As well as getting your perfect Instagram shot, there is a couple of cute gin bars/craft beer stalls outside with seating which definitely makes the trip to zone 3 (woah) worth your while.

God's Own Junkyard
Location: Walthamstow
Price: Free!
Timing: We stayed for about 30 minutes

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