Friday, 30 August 2019

London Date Night Ideas: The Big London Bake | Rooftop Film Club

One of the reasons I love living in London so much is because there is always something to do. A new bar or restaurant that has just opened. A secret gig in someones basement. A naked bike ride through central. A dessert festival. I look forward to grabbing my copy of Time Out magazine on the way to work on Tuesday morning to see all the unusual things going on in the capital that week, circling the ones I want to actually book (although I rarely get round to it)

But sometimes there can be too much choice. I've been here 18 months now, and I still panic when someone asks me where to go for dinner that night, or what we should plan for the following weekend. That's why I am going to start road testing some fun, unique things to do in London and share my favourites. So when it comes round to date night, or you have friends visiting from outside the city who you want to impress, you'll find everything in this series!

The Big London Bake
Location: Tooting, South West
Price: £35-45
Timing: 90 minutes

Who isn't obsessed with the Bake Off?! If you're a wannabe Star Baker, like me (bearing in mind the last thing I baked was a banoffee pie for my Dad's birthday about 6 years ago, and when I come to think of it, nothing involved actually baking), then you will feel right at home in the tent. A exact replica of *the* Bake Off tent has been erected right here in South West London! (No Paul Hollywood though I'm afraid.) Each month features a different bake- ours was a Cloud Cake, which is a sponge cake filled with jam, topped with a big 'cloud' of marshmallow and covered in fondant icing.

Proud parents

All ingredients are provided, and there is a cabinet at the front of the tent with flavourings, dried fruit, chocolate curls, marshmallows, nuts, and loads more treats to flavour and decorate your bake with. The method is also provided, but looking at our finished cake, you would think we did it blindfolded, with our hands tied behind our backs in the midst of a hurricane. BUT, God loves a trier (and we genuinely really tried- fondant is HARD to handle!) We named ours 'diabetes' and we can last. But I left the tent full of marshmallow and fond-ant memories of the evening (sorry not sorry.)

Can you spot which one is ours?
And a close up, because this is the content you've been waiting for!
Rooftop Film Club
Location: Bussey Building, Roof East and Queen of Hoxton
Price: Tickets start at £14.95
Timing: However long the film is, but get there early for street food and drinks!

I went to the Rooftop Film Club at the Bussey Building in Peckham last summer to see True Romance, so I was so excited to go back and try and different location! I was kindly gifted x2 VIP lounge tickets to watch one of my favourite films, 10 Things I Hate About You, at Roof East in Stratford. The location itself is gorrrrrge, full of street food shacks and bars, and loads of fun activities like mini golf, shuffleboard, table tennis etc etc etc, so would be such a cool place to go with a big group of friends to hang out on a sunny day.

Round the other side is the cinema! It looks so gorgeous in front of the London skyline, especially as the sun goes down. A huge screen is set up in front of loads of deck chairs. You can pay to upgrade to a VIP ticket, which includes a cosy double lounger (date night ESSENTIAL!) bottomless popcorn and blankets! The blankets definitely came in handy last night at our screening- it gets chilly at 10pm! You listen to the film through individual headphones too, so super clear sound and no noise disruption from rowdy drinkers in the bar next door.

The Rooftop Film Club host screenings at all 3 venues all summer- a mix of classics and brand new movies. Head to the website above to catch the last of the summer screenings!

What are your favourite things to do in London?

*I was kindly gifted both experiences, but all views are my own.