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My F45 8 Week Challenge Experience and Results

I'm gonna start this blog post off with a picture of me in Ibiza last week, cos I'm so bloody PROUD of myself and my body and the number of jump lunges I've forced myself to do over the last couple of months. But don't worry... the dreaded 'BEFORE' picture is looming!!!! (Make sure you're sat down before you scroll.)

I’m not going to lie, I was SUPER nervous for my first F45 class. From what I had heard about F45 is that it’s a bit of a cult. But since relocating here, I have realised that Londoners LOVE fitness, and there are so many boujee fitness studios that people swear by: 1Rebel, Psycle, Barry’s Bootcamp etc etc, and you only have to take one look at their IG pages to feel totally intimidated. The women are super toned and work out in Lululemon sports bra co-ords and the men are absolutely ripped- and then there’s me. Fresh from my 2 week all inclusive holiday eating and drinking my way through the Dominican Republic.

Body type = bag of custard. The super thick clotted cream Ambrosia one. Not a #LEWK.

The 8-week challenge happens around 4 or 5 times a year, and every F45 studio across the world takes part at the same time. For a set price (around £200 p/m) you get access to as many classes as you can handle, a meal training plan (including recipes for every single meal and snack of each day during the 8 weeks) and round-the-clock support from the trainers at your studio. We were split into teams and each allocated a trainer to keep us motivated through the duration of the challenge. 

The classes themselves are split into cardio and weight training- Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays are cardio, and the rest weights. And let me tell you this, Cardio is HARDIO. Every class is equally as tough as the last but (and I’m not just saying this because #gifted), there has never been a time when I have regretted a class. The energy in the room is always buzzy, the music is loud and the trainers and so encouraging and to be fair, they have totally made F45 what it is for me. They are so supportive and push me to my limit in every class (which I really appreciate even though I don’t look like I do at the time..!)

When I started the challenge, I had to do the dreaded body scan. Which is basically a machine that tells you how heavy you are, where the majority of fat from that KFC Deliveroo has been stored around your body, and if you’re gonna die of clogged arteries any time soon. Joking. Well, Mike (one of the owners) told me the main things to watch are body fat %, muscle %. Throughout the 8 weeks I wanted to see my body fat go down, and my muscle go up- simple right?

I had no idea what I thought my body fat would be, as I would consider myself generally quite fit, but I have never been so mortified when I was told it was 36%(!!!!!!), on a page which came out the printer next to the words SLIGHTLY OBESE in bold capitals. Brilliant.

Anyway, on to my results! (Hyperventilating as I get ready to post the dreaded before and after photos)

Time: 8 weeks
Classes: 48 (average of 6x per week)
Body scans: 2
Burpees: 87364873483277
Body fat before: 36%
Body fat after: 30.8%

You can see from the stats that I didn’t really lose any weight throughout the challenge, which is weird because before the challenge I thought weight was the only metric that mattered when it came to my body. BUT look at the difference in my back between week 1-8!

(It makes me feel violently sick to post this photo, but I have to post it as motivation to push on aka keep dragging myself out of bed for the 7.40 classes and not turn back into a potato.)

Week 1- week 8

Although 8 weeks feels like a lifetime, two months absolutely flew by, and I’m still as obsessed with the classes than I was on day 1! It sounds SUPER cringe, but it really has changed my life. I am so confident with my body- something I have had issues with for as long as I can remember. 

These are my results from February until now:

Week 1 - week 16

My diet has been slacking (I blame beer gardens and chilli heatwave Doritos) but I've kept to my routine of hitting f45 at least 5x a week, so I'm looking forward to seeing how my body changes in the next couple of months- hopefully my one singular ab will turn into 2!

What kind of exercise makes you actually *want* to do it? Have you tried F45?

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  1. You look absolutely amazing and I love the results. Well done.