Monday, 13 May 2019

Have You Tried Floatation Therapy?

I never thought of myself to be someone who gets easily stressed out, but since I moved to London- in a totally different environment with a new job and a new house and new friends- I have found myself to get stressed super easily.

I’ve struggled with anxiety, and with a super active social life combined with my f45 obsession and my job in social media meaning I am always online, I find it hard to switch off. I’ve toyed with apps like Calm and Headspace, and although I’ve had them downloaded on my phone for about 8 months, I’ve probably used each one about three times maximum.

I first found out about Floatworks when I saw a couple of PT’s from my F45 studio upload it on their IG stories, so I had a browse of their website and wanted to try it out ASAP! Basically, you lie in a ‘float tank’ which is a huge pod filled with water, for an hour and just totally switch off. Music plays for the first 10 minutes and the last 5 minutes of the session, but aside from that it’s totally silent.

I thought I was going to get bored around 30 minutes in, but I can’t explain the feeling of just total relaxation- no phones, no people, nothing to think about apart from my breathing.

My time slot was 6-7, which was perfect timing as I got home, made dinner and then slept like an absolute baby!

After doing some reading on the website, I realised that the benefits of floatation therapy are absolutely endless! The key ones I picked out are:

  • Promotes total calm and peaceful relaxation
  • Improves sleep
  • Alleviates stress (mental and physical)
  • Energises, rejuvenates and revitalises
  • Increases motivation, diminishes depression, anxiety and fear
  • Facilitates freedom from habits, phobias and addictions
  • Deepens meditation
  • Expands awareness, intensifies acuteness of all the senses, accelerates learning
  • Enhances hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis
  • Speeds up rehabilitation and recovery
  • Relieves pain
  • Improves circulation and distribution of oxygen and nutrients
  • Reduces blood pressure, pulse, heart rate and oxygen consumption

Have you tried floatation therapy? What did you think?

(I visited the Vauxhall studio of Floatworks)

*session was gifted

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