Sunday, 10 February 2019

February Resolutions

Read more books

No lie, I haven’t touched a book since I was in my first year of uni and had to read Wuthering Heights as part of my first assignment. In fact, I didn’t even read it- I took one look at the thickness of the book and the miniscule size of the text, bought it on DVD which I didn’t realise was SIXTEEN HOURS LONG, then dropped out of the course.

Magazines don’t count unfortunately, and neither does a morning scroll through the Daily Mail app on my phone, but on top of that, I’ve already read TWO books this year, and I’m on my third! Everything I Know About Love – Dolly Alderton and This is Going to Hurt – Adam Kay, both absolutely brilliant and 10/10 would recommend! Now I’m powering through The rules do not Apply – Ariel Levy, so if anyone has any more recommendations….talk nerdy to me.

Stop Binge Eating/Drinking

I’ve just started the F45 8-week challenge, so I’m enduring savage circuit training workouts 3 or 4 times a week. I’m pretty good on the fitness side, but it’s my diet that lets me down. I am SO good during the week, my willpower is unstoppable, howeeeeeeever, as soon as the weekend hits, my diet turns to shit. I mean, who wakes up with a raging hangover and thinks, ‘do you know what I really fancy? 10 almonds.’ NO ONE DOES. It’s Deliveroo or die.

Fortunately, with this f45 challenge, we get a meal plan, support group AND the shame and humiliation of the possibility of losing no weight at the end of it when everyone’s results are shared. Now THERE’S my motivation!

Reduce my Impulse Spending

I nearly wrote STOP impulse buying, but that’s impossible, so I’m gonna try as hard as I can to significantly reduce pissing my money up the wall every month. I’ve got a money tracker app and I’ve hidden all my shopping apps into a little folder on my iPhone to stop me scrolling ASOS new-in section every half an hour.


My hair is absolutely f*cked from bleaching the hell out of it every couple of months ,and I have had it drilled into me from my hairdresser for yeeeeeears about the importance of using hair masks regularly, so I’m actually going to. Especially now I’m a green-juice-drinking-health-goddess-fitness-worshipper who doesn’t have a social life anymore and is in bed by 8pm- I’ve got plenty of time to. I’ve bought Olaplex and I’m going to mix it with cheaper hair masks to make it last longer. (£30 for the teeniest bottle- WAT.)

Do you find it easier to set smaller, monthly goals to work towards too? Keep me motivated over on my IG!

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  1. You've inspired me to set some monthly goals rather than just doing big yearly ones. I think one of your goals should be to do some outfit posts plssssss. I'm low key obsessed with your style. Actually want to employ you as my personal stylist only I'm not J. Lo. Or perhaps have a session on Insta where we can send pics and you can tell us how you'd style the piece of clothing, I would freaking love that!