Thursday, 25 October 2018


Since moving to London in November, I am always keen to try out new places to eat, drink or visit. (Mainly drink ,but whatever) Whenever I see anywhere that looks cool or gets recommended to me, I jot it down in my notes on my phone, so I’m either going to need a very rich boyfriend to take me out for dinner every night, or take on a new role as a food critic, and considering I eat microwaved scrambled egg every morning, I think I would struggle with the latter.

I still feel like an absolute tourist whenever I spot Tower Bridge, or the London Eye or Buckingham Palace in the distance of wherever I am, so when I got the opportunity to try something new in the London Bridge area, it obviously had to have #VIEWS.

There are so many boujee looking restaurants in the area (including two in the Shard which look absolutely glorious BUT nothing on the menu took my fancy) as well as Sky Garden, Borough Market (I’ve been once with my Dad and was so overwhelmed with the delicious food on offer that I ended up eating a full on curry and rice at 11am because I lost all sense of time and dat)

I settled on Gaucho. I know what you’re thinking- ugh, a chain?!?! But, when have you ever heard about anyone going to Gaucho and having a bad experience? Exactly.

We swerved the starters and went straight to mains- steak of course! I ordered the rump steak with summer peppercorn sauce and we shared chips, broccoli with flaked almonds and garlic spinach (my FAVE!) And I’m a sophisticated 26 year old so of course I had it with one (or two… or three) glass of red wine.

I requested a window seat and the view of the River Thames and Tower Bridge was so lush! Definitely a spot for a date night! Unfortunately, I was just there with my pal. *eye roll*
Just kidding Beth! Perfect food, perfect atmosphere and perfect company!

Where are your favourite date night spots in London?

The spending money was gifted by, but all views are my own