Saturday, 1 September 2018

September Goals

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Each year I post my same old, stale af New Years resolutions: lose weight, save money and travel more. ( I also said my resolution this year was to be able to do the splits which I am THRILLED to announce that out of all my goals this is the only one I can do! Much to the delight of all my friends when I bust them out at every party or gathering I have attended in the last two months.)
As of this month, I am going to post monthly goals, so I can try and tackle them in smaller chunks and actually attempt to have some form of control over my life so the first time in 26 years.

1.       Save!!

Ok, so this was inevitably going to be number one, BUT I’ve actually made a bit of progress on this thanks to a certain app called Chip. Basically, you download it, and it links to your bank account and automatically saves a random amount depending on your cash flow activity that week. So if you’ve spent looooooads, it might save £4.32, but on the week you’ve just been paid, it might save £26.76. Really random amounts, but you don’t even notice them get taken out and VOILA, you’ve saved almost £1,000 in a year. (I hope) If you DO download it, which I highly recommend, use the code V1SQJJ and we both get an extra 1% interest on our savings! FREE MONEY!

2.       Stick to a fitness routine

I’m not even gonna say ‘lose weight’ cos I always lose weight and get to a size I’m happy with- then go on a massive bender with a 4-day hangover, consume my bodyweight in Deliveroo’s and then I’m back to square one and my motivation is out the window. I work NEXT to the gym ffs so I have no excuse. Actually – my excuse is that I have zero willpower and I love a naughty G&T (or 5) on a school night because I don’t know how to say no.

If I manage to secure a few brand collabs under my belt I might pay for a month at F45 (£165) or Ministry Does Fitness (£99) but at the moment I just can NOT justify that money on working out if I’m just going to ruin it on the weekends. So I hereby declare THIS as the start of my healthy lifestyle- will report back next month!

3.       Get back into blogging

I have been a VERY naughty blogger recently and haven’t posted since JUNE when I had dinner with Pandora at the Ivy. *paints nails emoji* I’m so flattered when I get messages on Twitter and Instagram from people telling me they love my blog, so I feel like I’m letting you guys down when I go MIA! I want to get back in the swing of things so I’m going to blog at LEAST twice a month. (This is number one)

4.       Make more effort with my friends

When you move to a different city it’s so easy to fall into a routine of seeing the same friends each week. Especially when they live close to you or you have the same mutual friends. I hate losing touch with people, and even though they’re the kind of friends that I could not see for 2 years and then meet up like nothings changed, I still want to make time to see them more frequently. Especially when we all live in London.

5.       Be more active on social!

Commenting Instagram posts instead of just liking them! Replying to tweets! Engaging in blogger chats! Subscribing to YouTube! I want to chat to my followers and friends more, so I’m going to try my hardest to do this.

6.       YouTube

I get asked about this ALL the time but I feel like my life isn’t exciting enough to blog?!!??! Maybe. It’s a work in progress. (PS if my future sugardaddy is reading this then I want the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II plz)

What are your September goals? Do you find setting smaller goals each month makes them more achievable?

Why it’s OK to be the Single Friend!

Me trying to subtly announce to the boys of Clapham that I am single and available

Since I split up with my ex, and only boyfriend I’ve ever had in 2015, I’ve been THE SINGLE FRIEND. I’m fortunate to have had the same group of friends since I was in college (almost 10 years!) and during university, everyone started to get boyfriends, some serious, some not. But as we got older, and the relationships officially got to the ‘long-term’ status, my status stayed the same, single.

At first it didn’t bother me, I was 23, I was living away from home, I went out with my other single friends, did what I want, pulled who I wanted- it was the dream! I loved being single.

However, in the last couple of years I’ve been having second thoughts. I felt myself getting jealous of seeing couples doing cute stuff together and starting to actually create a future together. Not just people on Instagram with their outrageous baby showers and date nights, but my own best friends! Buying houses, having babies, getting engaged, serious stuff!

I mean, everyone gets to that point, around 8pm when the Sunday night dread kicks in and you just wanna order Dominos and Netflix and chill with someone you fancy, but I felt a bit left out. One of my friends had an engagement party last year, and we all met up at the pub beforehand- 6 couples and me. Fortunately, one of the girls’ boyfriends couldn’t make it so we were in the same boat- but talk about reality check!!!!!

I recently used the question feature on my Instagram for people to reveal their worst ever date, and as well as being one of the funniest things I’ve EVER read, it made me think about all the failed, hilariously tragic dates I had been on. I couldn’t even imagine any of those boys getting a second date, never mind being my boyfriend! As much as I love my friends to pieces, and I am SO proud of them, I’m 26. I live in London where I am meeting new people every day. Yeah, I get needy on a Sunday night but I’ve got housemates I can climb into bed with and eat junk food with, and it’s not like my friends are uncontactable just because they have a boyfriend. They’re exactly the same.

Yeah, when the time is right, and I meet someone I actually want to go on a second date with (and third and fourth and fifth) then YOU BET I’ll be uploading photos of us at the top of the Eiffel Tower orriding a Gondola in Venice, or having a swanky dinner anniversary dinner at Roka or Hakkasan (or another restaurant that’s WAY to expensive to justify for a casual dinner with friends) but for now I’m going to stop letting my relationship status affect me and carry on snogging boys in Infernos at 3am on a Saturday night.