Wednesday, 20 June 2018

A Floral Evening at the Ivy with Pandora

As I still consider myself pretty new to London, and my bucket list of places I want to visit is still HUGE (and growing by the day!) I was absolutely over the moon to not only receive an invitation from Pandora, but to be able to visit the gorgeous Ivy Garden in Chelsea. The event was an evening of floral crown making, champagne, and of course, to showcase their latest pieces of jewellery, inspired by wedding season. (which is currently in its peak, FYI. So get shopping!)

My first memory of Pandora was when I was around 17- when everyone was OBSESSED with the charm bracelets. I was going out with this boy at college and told him I wanted a Pandora bracelet and ‘like ten charms’ for Christmas. Little did I know…. He genuinely did get me a Pandora bracelet and TEN charms!!! Safe to say I was a spoilt little egg that year! Fast forward 8 years, I’m out of my charm bracelet phase but I still love a subtle piece of jewellery that I can wear every day. My ex-boyfriend got me this ring for Valentine’s Day about 4 years ago, and I absolutely LOVE it. Everyone comments on how gorgeous it is, and my Mum has even bought it for herself and both her sisters. The fact it’s still in stores years later shows what a timeless piece of jewellery it is, along with many other pieces I see from Pandora.
I don’t really have many reservations about attending events on my own. I could probably have a conversation with a lamppost, but fortunately for me I was sat with some lovely bloggers, and I spent the whole evening laughing (with a healthy bit of competition thrown in when it came to the crown making!)
When we had all settled and had a glass of champagne (or two) we were given an introduction to the gorgeous new pieces from Pandora and discussed how perfect they are for wedding season, whether you are attending as a guest, a bridesmaid, or even choosing them your own bridal jewellery. We then had a short demonstration of flower crown making, in preparation to have a go at crafting our own. Boho themed weddings are HUGE, and a flower crown really is the piece de resistance. I got a bit carried away with mine (my mantra has ALWAYS been the bigger, the better) but I thought I did pretty well! Whilst we were working away on our crowns, we enjoyed some absolutely incredible canapes (It was the Ivy, after all) and another 349827439 glasses of champagne, and I got to know the girls from Pandora and my fellow bloggers a little better.

I ended up staying quite a while post-crown making because I was having such a fun time, but when I did leave, I was gifted the most beautiful gems from Pandora: a beautiful pair or crown earrings and a stunning necklace.
Thank you SO much Pandora for a really fabulous evening!
Get inspired for your perfect wedding jewellery here. Or shop the necklace range here.

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  1. Great post - your photos are so cute! :) I went to London a long time ago, but if I ever go back (hopefully I do) I should check this place out. Thanks for sharing!
    -Jenna <3
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