Tuesday, 17 April 2018

The Best Hair Products for Blondes

Being blonde is hard work. If it’s not spending 3 hours getting a full head of highlights (and then having a small meltdown at the bill) it’s scouring beauty reviews online for the latest products, spending the evening with your head wrapped in a Tesco bag to keep your deep conditioning treatment on, or scrubbing purple shampoo off the bathroom walls. (Are you REALLY blonde unless you splatter your neon purple haircare up the walls every time you have a shower though?)

I’m naturally veerrrry dark brown, and as much as I miss having naturally thick, long hair, I love being blonde too much to go back. I’ve had it bleached so much over the last 4/5 years that I once went into a hair salon and the stylist took one look at my hair and asked ‘has it always been that thin?’ Safe to say I was MORTIFIED. And promptly left the salon in absolute shame. (Also, HOW RUDE?!) 

As it’s so damaged, I have had to ramp up my maintenance, which has meant I have tried and tested nearly every product in the book. (I call this ‘market research’ when my mum tries to bollock me for spending all my money on expensive products.) Like with make-up, and with new treatments coming out almost weekly, this is likely to change, but I will keep sharing my favourites as I find them!

Don’t be put off by the colour! It is VERY bright purple. I use this every two weeks or so as a toner to keep my colour looking fresh. It makes it soooooo soft afterwards as well- bonus!

Not had chance to get a salon appointment in a minute? (Or in my case, 6 months). This power couple removes any brassiness and those horrible yellow undertones and gives your colour a boost of freshness. Careful you don’t leave it on for TOO long though (I go with about 5 mins with shampoo, slightly longer with conditioner) or you will end up with lilac hair. Unless you want lilac hair, then leave it on as long as you like!

I have used this forever, and will probably continue to use it forever. I add one of two pumps to towel-dried hair and it brushes through like a dream. It really makes a difference when I don’t use this- it comes with me EVERYWHERE!

I use my GHD’s straighteners or my Cloud Nine Waving Wand on a daily basis, so having something to protect the ends is so important! A tiny bit of this goes a long way.

Amazing for when I cba to put my extensions in! This is perfect for adding body and texture without weighing it down.

Not pictured, but also v. good for blondies are Philip Kingsley Elasticizer (also comes with a delightful Coconut Breeze scent here), John Freida Sheer Blonde Brightening Shampoo and Conditioner, Tangle Teezers (life savers!) and the Dyson hairdryer. (The less heat you put on your hair the better- and this dries it in rapid time!)

What haircare products do you swear by?


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