Thursday, 19 April 2018

Helpful Apps for Living in London

Did you know I moved to London recently?!?! I don't know if I mentioned it? Anyway, I have absolutely no sense of direction, and my geographical skills leave a lot to be desired so I wanted to share my most useful apps to those who are planning the big move, or are 6 months in and still feeling like an international student... You're welcome!


Such a good app to download once you've settled in and you're ready to start exploring! You just search for a location (Clapham, Shoreditch etc) and the kind of vibe you want and it recommends places to go. Options include things like beer gardens (v.v.v. handy in this weather!) date night (gathering dust on my phone, not gonna lie) new openings, gigs, pop ups, vegan etc etc! It also shows what's on each week, so you're spoilt for choice!

My life saver! Seriously, if you are ever in London, even if you’re just visiting, you need to download citymapper. It’s free, and you simply type in your current location and destination, and it shows you how to get there via tube, train, bus, how long it would take in and Uber or walking. It tells you where to change, which line to get and whether its northbound or southbound, and even notifies you when to get off. Life saver.

If you’re into the theatre, Today Tix is a free app which offers discounted tickets. You can only book for the upcoming month, but the discounts are huge, and the seats are decent too. (Wicked for £18.50!) I’m dying to see the Woman in Black, Lion King, Matilda and Chicago! hint hint)

Movebubble makes it super simple for those wanting to find a rental property. The app allows tenants and agents to chat 24/7, without the need to make loads of calls and send multiple emails. It also means you get responses outside of the usual office hours, (which is so convenient, especially when you want to spend your lunch hour enjoying the sun instead of being on hold to a letting agent for hours.) Simply search the area you're interested in, and it brings up loads of gorgeous furnished and unfurnished properties. The main things I was looking for was a big kitchen/dining room and lots of wardrobe space, and I got it!

You will have seen your fave fitness influencers (me included, duh) checking in at boujee fitness studios around London, but did you know a single class costs £20?! I know. £20 for a 45-minute boxing class. Insane. That’s where Class Pass comes in! They do amaaazing deals for first-timers. I paid £30 for 100 credits (each class varies from 5-14 credits depending on how popular it is) when I signed up, and the current offer is 30 credits FREE! Go go go!

What apps have you downloaded to help you survive in the city?

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