Wednesday, 7 February 2018

The Money Diaries: Part 1 (In the Style of Refinery29)

Ok, so I knew London was a lot more expensive than little old Preston, but it isn’t until you live here that you realise JUST how much. It probably doesn’t help that even though at the grand old age of 25, I still have absolutely zero concept of money… which is slightly alarming. (Soz mum) Anyway, in a desperate bid to help me curb my spending, together with my OBSESSION with Refinery 29’s ‘the Money Diaries’ series, I have decided to do my own! I’m going to log everything I spend money on, and hopefully at the end of the week I will be so horrified at my frivolous spending that I will become a social recluse and have a hefty savings account by the time I turn 26. (Definitely not going to happen, but maybe I’ll find some middle ground!)

Thursday: £0
Yep- that’s right! ZERO POUNDS, ZERO PENCE. I’m starting as I mean to go on here lads! I have a stash of eggs which I keep in the cupboard at work, so I had scrambled eggs for breakfast- as I have done for the last 5 years- and brought sweet potato and Quorn sausages for my lunch (for the 1845985th day in a row) As you can see, my culinary skills don’t stretch too far. After work I met the lovely Mel from GHD and we got a free class! (Bearing in mind a single class is £20!) I then had a DATE! He bought the drinks, I supplied the amazing company, so everyone’s a winner here.

Friday: £13.40
Had to nip to the shop on my way to work to pick up some eggs for my breakfast. I’m absolutely STARVING today (and slightly hungover) so I also eat a stale crumpet that’s been in the cupboard since Monday. I had a press meeting at a lovely little vegetarian cafĂ© in Camden at lunch, so I was buzzing because a) I’ve wanted to go to Mildred’s for ageeeees, and b) expenses went on the work card, so we also treated ourselves to 2 cocktails each because #Friday. Headed to Oxford street after work to return £135 of beauty products to John Lewis. I can’t technically count this as extra money because I used my savings account to buy them, and I definitely can’t afford them. Wah. Also spent £12 in Sainsburys on some food. Gutted that the closest supermarket to me is a Saino’s, but saying that, I was picking up frozen edamame beans, chocolate soy milk and frozen peaches. SooOoo #middleclass of me.

Saturday: £34
Met my girl Beth for what was supposed to be brunch, but actually ended up being a very late lunch because I slept for about 13 hours. We went to ethos in central London- a vegetarian restaurant that I have always wanted to visit! It’s a ‘pay by weight’ situation inside, and I have absolutely no idea how heavy miso- glazed aubergine is so my total cost was £16. Considering water is free, and this also doubled up as my dinner too, I wouldn’t say it was too bad. Headed for some drinks at Pop Brixton afterwards (£18) and made a last-minute decision to head out into Shoreditch that night. Met some new BFF’s in the queue for Queen of Hoxton, and they paid for my WHOLE night. No joke. Entry, ubers, drinks- THE LOT. (thank you, you extremely generous and hilarious strangers.)

Sunday: £127
Hungover as F. Wanted to faceplant a large Dominos but I’m going to Australia next week, so I compromised with a footlong Subway and a packet of crisps, £8. Panicked and ordered something new off the menu which turned out to be rank. What a waste of calories. (Still inhaled it though.) Slept/ate whatever I could find in the cupboard for the rest of the day, then panic bought some holiday clothes. £40 Missguided, £50 H&M, £29 ASOS. Had to close the laptop before I tripped and fell onto Zara.

Monday: £7.50
Still extremely tired and extremely hungover. Just wanna slither into bed as soon as I finish work, but I’ve got a second house viewing in Tooting and I HAVE to go. Thank God my travel card pays for all this trekking around London. Had a bit of time to kill before the viewing so I popped into Asda and picked up some sun cream for next week. Well, one factor 15. One factor 6 deep tanning oil. (If I don’t come home looking like BeyoncĂ© I’m gonna be FEWIN’.) Also got a scratch card with a slither of hope that I might win a few grand and not have to move into the dossy 3 bed flat I just viewed. I didn’t.

Tuesday: £83.20
The dreaded travel card top-up! (-£40) However, I don’t feel too bad about this as I’m basically scaling the whole of London every night after work this week when I’m house-hunting, so it’s worth it. Stopped for a quick sunbed to attempt to prepare my skin for the Australian heatwave next week (only 6 mins guys- and I promise it’s only for my holiday prep!) Picked up some super healthy food shopping in a last-ditch attempt to look like Natasha Oakley on the beach next week (£12) Also panic bought a dress from ASOS. It’s SO cute though. (£25.20 with my student discount).

Wednesday: £0
Ending the week on a high! (Well, technically a low.) Brought a huge bowl of veggies and Quorn for my lunch, and an Aplro almond yoghurt because #health and #thrifty. Went to another absolute flop of a house viewing after work, BUT all my holiday shopping arrived at work today, so at least I can go home, try it all on, find that none of it fits, have a meltdown, then send it all back and be £119 richer again!

Have you ever tried keeping a money diary? I might actually make this a regular thing because it has stopped me making so many (more) impulse buys, because I didn’t want to deal with the shame of writing it down!


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