Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2018

Ok, so this is the second (or third?!) year I’ve been single on Valentine’s Day. Which to be fair, doesn’t really bother me at all this year because I’m going to be on my way to Australia with one of my best friends Suey to see our girl Jess so I’m gonna be blowing alllllllllll your #boydonegood’s out of the water this year, soz. Anyway, even though I am single, I still get at least one Valentine’s Day card every year without fail…from my Mum. She also gets me presents because I think she feels sorry for me. (LOL) 

Even though I technically can’t take part in V-Day, I LOVE a gift guide, so boys, you’re in luck! Buy your girlfriend everything from the list below and she will love you 4ever and ever. (And girls, if you’re unsure what to get him, a fragrance is alllllways a guaranteed winner. But it has to be something a liiiiitle bit special, like Creed AventusTom Ford Tuscan LeatherBvlgari Le Gemme Men Onekh or one of these gift set for him from Clive Christian.) 

Now, back to the girls! (Little side note- if any of my secret admirers are reading this, please order them to my house before the 14th so I can open them before I fly. Thanks!) In honesty, I would much rather my (non-existent) boyfriend plan something for us to do together, because I value experiences waaaay more than actual materialistic gifts nowadays. I think this is because I am a serial shopper, and if I want something I just buy it myself. Also, planning something to do together is so much more thoughtful! And as much as I can be an ice queen, I’m actually really thoughtfulso my future boyfriend needs to be the same. If not more. (Gift experience guide coming soon!) 

HOWEVERRRRR, that doesn’t mean gifts aren’t an absolute necessity too! See below and spoil ya girl. 

SkinnyDip make-up bag (similar here)


  1. That's so cute that your mum gets you a card! xx

  2. I am very jealous of your Valentines plans! I bet you have an amazing time!
    I may have to pick up those Mean Girl brushes for myself!