Sunday, 14 January 2018

Living in London, So Far.

Looking for my next place to live like:
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I've been living in the capital for two and a half months now, and I STILL haven't signed a contract for a permanent place to live. I've stayed at four different places so far, about to move into my fifth on Thursday, and then fingers cross I will be able to sign for something where I can actually settle, empty my suitcase, and actually HANG UP A TOP. I've genuinely forgotten what a coat hanger looks like because it's been that long since I used one. Wow I never thought I would see the day where I was looking forward to picking up clothes of the floor and hanging them up?! Thought that died a death when I worked the Topshop boxing day sale two years in a row...But now I am cravinggggg my own personal space!!

When I first moved to London I stayed with my friend Caitlin and her lovely housemates for a week, to help me find my feet. She lives in such a lovely flat near Clapham Junction and I was absolutely gutted to leave!!!!.....Which is probably why I came back a month later and stayed for another 3 weeks! (Eternally grateful to her, Ryan and Rachel for letting me stay so long!)

Christmas at Caitlin's

After my first week with Caitlin, I moved to an Air BnB for one night, because the one I actually wanted to move into was only available from the day after. It was in suuuuuch a dodgy area in East London, and it didn't help that I arrived at around 10pm and had to walk through a creepy estate to find the property. As I was only staying that night, I didn't see what the kitchen was like, the bathroom was average, but the BED! Oh my god the bed felt like I was sleeping on a tombstone. But it had wi-fi, so I just scrolled aimlessly on social media for 10 minutes and went to sleep.

The next night I was in another Air BnB- this one was a 'rare find' so I was expecting Buckingham Palace, even though I had seen the the photographs and they begged to differ. However, this was London, and everything is about 10x the price it would be in the north, so I was pleased (well, my Dad was) that I found somewhere decent, with good transport links that was under £35 a night. My room was a good size, the shared bathroom and kitchen were small, but there was only me and another room sharing them, and fortunately (because I hate small talk), I never met the other resident. 

On to the next one! This house (in Streatham) I thought was going to be my home for at least the next 6 months- the current housemates were lovely, the house was big, it was at the lower end of my budget, it had amazing transport links and even though my room was a shoebox, I was prepared to overlook that for the good points about the house. I rocked up on a Monday night with all my stuff, only to find I had to build my own bed. Fantastic. Obviously the girls helped me, but it was 9pm, I was tired, and DIY is not my forte. Or theirs, in fact. It was about as stable as a Nature Valley granola bar, I literally breathe and it feels like it's about to cave in and I'm going to end up through the lounge ceiling. ALSO I have no wardrobe. There was one when I got here, but they ordered me a new one and none knows how to build it, so it's been gathering dust downstairs for the last 2 weeks, meaning yep, you guessed it! Another floordrobe situation. GREAT. There is also soooo much stuff that needs fixing in the house but the landlord is really shit and never gets back to us about anything. I've given up caring now because I'm moving out, but if I was a permanent housemate I would be ringing him every day until he got everything sorted. The back door doesn't lock, for God's sake. (If you saw my Crimewatch Instagram story last week you will understand why this was the tipping point for me!) But at least it's been a base so my friends can come and stay with me, like my babe Jess who came down last weekend.

The Blues Kitchen in Brixton

Originally I found a lush flat to move into after this one, but my parents brought to my attention the fact that I'm going to Australia for 3 weeks next month, so what's the point in spending £600+ on an empty room while I'm away? Slightly annoying because I JUST WANT TO HANG UP MY CLOTHES IN MY OWN BEDROOM IN MY OWN FLAT but the thought of all that wasted money kills me (and them. Mostly them) so I managed to find a girl on Spare Room who is renting out her room for the 3 weeks I need before I go on holidays while she goes on holiday! Fate or WHAT?! So I'm moving to Wandsworth temporarily because I go to Australia, and then I'm back to square one. House hunting.

It's been SO stressful, as you can understand. But between house hunting online, attempting to have a social life, flat viewing in person, working a full time job, attending the odd blog event, building beds, trying to cram as many Best Bootcamps/1Rebel/Psycle classes in as humanely possible to stop me looking like a beached whale in Oz, I am having the time of my LIFE in London!

Anyone wanna place some bets on how long it takes me before I actually sign a contract for a house? Or tips on house-hunting?

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  1. Sounds absolutely manic but I am so glad you are loving it down there! I am so jealous your going to Australia soon too, will be so lovely!

    Love Sian | Sian Lifts Weights ♥