Friday, 8 December 2017

Diary of a Cosmo Intern: Week 4

So at the weekend it was my friend Becca's 30th birthday in Sheffield! I had promised to be there, not to mention it was another chance to reunite with all my Sheffield babes! I lived there for 5 years when I was at Uni, working at Topshop, and this is where I met everyone, who I am still suuuuper close with to the day, and consider them some of my best friends. The theme was Beccacassium (amazing, right?!) so it was festival theme. Small reminder, I have NEVER been to a festival so my wardrobe is hardly bursting with glitter and Hunter wellies. I wore double denim, but instead of looking like I've just landed in LA ahead of Coachella, I resembled Shania Twain/Cardi B's love child. But God loves a trier, and it was such a good night! The 4 hour Megabus back to London on the Sunday? Not so fun. (Also- managed to get a sneaky TRIB3 session in on the Saturday morning...YAAAAAAASSSS!)

The last week of my internship! I'm actually so gutted because I'm not even doing a full week, I finish on Wednesday because.... I've got a job! I accepted a job in beauty PR on Friday, and I literally start on MONDAY so I have a week to find a permanent place to live... No pressure! Another bonus, I got my eyelash extensions back so I feel human again! Before I moved to London, I was under the impression that I could get to any part of it in about 20 minutes on the tube... How wrong was I...... 1.5 hours later of bus', overgrounds and undergrounds later...


Any spare time today has been spent trawling through Spare Room trying to find somewhere half decent within my budget. Bearing in mind I have no idea which areas of London to look in, and for the price I am paying (almost double for what I paid for a massive, beautiful 2 bedroom apartment in Sheffield when I lived with my ex-boyfriend!) I am getting a small room, in a shared house, so far from the city that I may as well be back in Preston. I felt like part of my soul started leaving my body because I had spent so much time staring at tiny, messy bedrooms and pretending they were half decent and live-able. (I even paid £10 to upgrade to a premium account so I could message people straight away instead of having to wait a week) Anyway, I secured two viewings after work, and I didn't hate them! The houses themselves weren't amazing, but the potential housemates certainly made up for it- and that's what I'm more bothered about!


My last day at Cosmopolitan! My last day getting the tube to Oxford Circus, my last day walking down Carnaby street and its crazy-sequin-carnival-parrot Christmas lights, and my last day getting excited every time I see the delivery man come through with his trolley carrying PR treats. (Yesterday we had the most delicious pecan pie you have ever tasted, Gwen Stefani baubles from Revlon, a mini Christmas tree decorated with very alternative baubles- avocado, Heinz ketchup and cats, and the most beautiful bottle of 'Unicorn Tears' gin, to name but a few.) The rest of the beauty team don't even bat an eyelid because they're so used to it, but for me it's like Christmas day! I started my day in style, with a breakfast at the beautiful Langham hotel for the Chantecaille 20th anniversary. As well as getting to swatch the new collection, I met Becky Fearn- a freelance writer and we bonded over our tragic love lives...SHOCK. I left Cosmo towers that evening with a bittersweet feeling in my belly. Sad to leave, obviously, but I was on cloud 9 nine because of the invaluable experience I had gained.  Contacts in the industry, hands-on experience in the magazine industry and ...A JOB! Oh, and not to mention the biggest bag of beauty goodies EVER! *insert smug face emoji here*

Does this mean I'm an official Londoner now?

Definitely beats my microwaved scrambled eggs!
I can't believe how fast this month at Cosmo has gone! My life has changed so much. If you didn't know how I got my internship, it was basically fate. I hated my life in Wakefield, hated my job etc etc, so I quit. Life is genuinely too short to be unhappy. Then, literally the day or so after, Lucy (Beauty Writer at Cosmo) DM'ed me on Instagram to say the girl who was supposed to be starting her internship on Monday wasn't replying to her emails or confirming her start date, and was I interested in taking her place? Bearing in mind, the wait-list to intern here is over a year, so I obviously jumped at the chance! This meant I had 3 days to pack up my flat, move all my stuff back to my parents house in Preston and get a place to live in London for a month.

Now the questions that everyone has been dying to ask... Is it paid? No, unfortunately most internships aren't paid. So how did I afford to live in London for a month unpaid? My mum and dad helped me out with the financial side, which I am eternally grateful for, as I definitely couldn't have done this without them! Does it lead to a job? No. There has only been one person that has been kept on in all the years that the beauty team have been accepting interns, and that's purely down to the fact that there isn't a vacancy there. I wasn't naive enough to wait until my internship finished to , so I applied for so many jobs while I was down here! What am I doing afterwards? I have been networking the hell out of every event I've been to, connecting with PR's and staying in touch with them, and clueing myself up about the top beauty PR companies in London. I managed to secure a job within 3 weeks of being here, so London, it looks like I'm staying! I'm not even going to put that down to luck either, I have worked HARD. And so far it's paying off!