Tuesday, 14 November 2017

My London Bucket List

Image from Bob Bob Ricard

Have I mentioned I'm in London guys?!?!!?

Anyway, being from a little town in the north, where we only got a Nando's about a year ago (still waiting on Deliver and Uber mind you), the thought of so many exciting and unique bars, clubs and restaurants is SO exciting to me! My London Pinterest board has been increasing by the day, so I thought as I'm here, I would try and get through as many as possible! If you fancy joining me, slide into my DM's and let's make it a date! 

Peggy Porschen

Milk Train


Farm girl Cafe

Winter Wonderland



Palm Vaults

Cereal Killer

Bob Bob Richard

Radio Rooftop

Restaurant Ours

Anywhere that does halloumi fries

Coppa Club

Barry's Bootcamp

Can you recommend anywhere else?

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