Saturday, 25 November 2017

Diary of a Cosmo Intern: Week 3

I'm starting this week on a Sunday, because I finally checked off another hotspot from my London bucket list! I hit Psycle London for the most intense, energising, inspiring ride of my life! Read the full review here.


Back in the office! I used to dread Mondays rolling back around because I hated my job, but now I hate Mondays because it means another day closer to finishing my internship, and I am having the time of my life! How is it week 3 already?! Today was a pretty quiet day so I worked on my blog and did ad-hoc tasks, like managing the PR deliveries, which to my surprise, two were addressed to ME! Ok, so one was from my mum so that doesn't count, but the other was from the PR who handles Moroccan Oil. I met her at the event at Duck & Dry in my first week, and I told her how much I loved the dry texture spray that the stylist used on my hair on the night, so she sent me a bottle. Thank you so much Susanna!

Another day, another insane PR delivery
HORRIBLE nights sleep. Woke up about 2am to a car alarm going off for about 2 hours, then the shower was so cold I gave myself brain freeze. WAH. I spent my whole day at work transcribing an interview my Beauty Director Inge did with the founder of Beauty Pie- Marcia Kilgore. If I was given this task when I was at school, or uni, I would have given you the biggest eye roll ever but the interviews are so interesting that they don't seem too much of a chore. I'm not going to lie though, I had been staring so hard  at Microsoft Word all day that I felt blind! I was supposed to go to the Louise Thompson x LOTD launch party at STK after work, but I was so tired and I've got the worst cold in the world so I got myself some dinner from M&S and headed home. The woman who owns the Air BnB I'm currently staying in had left some Ferrero Rochers on my bed to apologise for the shower being cold- cute! Gutted though because I started Slimming World on Sunday so i'm gonna have the google the syns before I dive in.

Cosmo Perk number 4839483983
Do you really work in beauty journalism if you don't get sent Biscuiteers on the reg? I swear that company has gone through the roof since PR's discovered how much everyone loves a personalised biscuit. Cupcakes are SO 2016. Anyway, today's offering was from Astal. (Does anyone know the syns in a Biscuiteers biscuit? Maybe I could lick the icing? Or just smell it?) Finished off the transcript this morning. After work Lucy, Jess and I headed to the Cosmo Self-Made Summit talk- an event hosted here in the Hearst building where key members of the Cosmo team, including our Editor, Farrah Storr, and my Beauty Director Inge shared career inspo on how to make it in magazines and how they got their roles at Cosmo. It was really inspiring and I really admire how hard they worked to get to where they are now. Also, Slimming World is already a disaster because I went for a curry and cocktails after work. Whoops, i'll start again tomorrow!

Second Biscuiteers delivery of the month!
So today is Thanksgiving, so Krispy Kreme sent about 4 dozen doughnuts to the office! (Don't even talk to me about syns- I inhaled one in about 0.03 seconds.) Today was such a good day for a couple of reasons. 1) Krispy Kreme delivery, duh. 2) I heard my first ever Christmas song on the radio! (Mariah, the OG) AND I got a very exciting delivery from GHD! The parcel included new GHD curling tongs, paddle brush and the advanced split hair therapy treatment. Absolutely speechless- thank you SO much to Mel who sent me them! (I got sooooo many 'Oh my god I want your job!!!! replies to my Insta story when I posted them last night!)

Transcribing again today, but this time it's a man called Guido who has a very strong French accent and speaks VERY fast about scientific formulations. When I finish this one I am fully expecting to receive a GCSE in Chemistry. and I will most definitely be adding 'bilingual' to my skill set on LinkedIn. I am absolutely GUTTED that it's Friday- it's come round so quick again! Because next week is my last week here at Cosmo and I never want this internship to end!!!!! Anyway, on a positive, I'm in Sheffield this weekend celebrating my friend Becca's 30th- it's festival themed, so naturally I'm wearing heels.

Stay tuned for week 4! (Sob!)

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