Saturday, 18 November 2017

Diary of a Cosmo Intern: Week 2

Survived my first night in an Airbnb! Not going to lie, I was SO sceptical about where I was going to be staying because I literally panic booked it the same day, but it was ok... Aside from some sketchy interior decor and a bed that felt like a tombstone, I didn't wake up to a figure stood over the end of my bed or freeze to death in my sleep. Result. Also, I feel loads more confident getting the tube now, double result! Can I call myself an official Londoner now? At work, I spent the day contacting PR's for a fragrance feature that will be going out in our March issue. One particular one, is only available in-store, and comes in a hand-blown bottle AND IS £400. (Don't worry mum, fortunately for you it's not on my Christmas list!) 

Dreamy interiors at Restaurant Ours


DEFINITELY spoke too soon about the tube. I finished work last night to find the stations were CLOSED until literally like 7.30. Fantastic. I got to my second Airbnb at about 8.30 and promptly booked another week there. It's super close to central, and the thought of dragging that suitcase/body bag to another location is making me want to scream. Anyway, today was a very exciting day as I was off to the Sofia Richie x Nip + Fab event at Restaurant Ours- one of my London bucket list places! It was as gorgeous as I expected, and I met up with the lovely Tori from PopSugar beforehand (who I met last week at Duck & Dry) so we could attend together. The products look amazing and I can't wait to try them out!


My team were attending an 'away day' today, so I had an unexpected day off! I took the opportunity to upgrade my phone to the new iPhone 8+. It is HUGE. I then met one of my old uni friends for some drinks in the city, he took me to some £dgY underground bars and I fell in love with London a million times more.


So today the angels (literally- the style ambassador is actually called Angel!) from Cloud Nine came to style my hair and showcase the new tools from the Christmas Gift of Gold collection. If you follow my Instagram you will know how much I rave about my Cloud Nine waving wand (purchase here) It's the only wand I use to curl my hair because it just creates the most gorgeous, soft, bouncy curls. That was until Angel created this masterpiece using the smaller wand! It took her 15 minutes (if that!) and the results were stunning! Hollywood waves in actual minutes. The secret is to wait until the curls have cooled, then brush them out (in the same direction) with a comb. Something I usually avoided as I though the curls would drop, how wrong was I! After work I met Emily, one of my best friends who was in the city for a couple of days with work. Let's just say a 'quiet' drink turned into duty wining on a stripper pole in a gay bar called Freedom. |SUCH A GOOD NIGHT. 

Ok, now I know how Londoners seems to be able to go out for drinks every night of the week. Evening meals are replaced with canap├ęs at after-work events, so the money that you would usually spend on dinner is spent on drinks, and because you go out straight from work you get home around midnight and manage to get a full 8 hours before work resulting in a minimal hangover and ready to do it all again the following night. A lifestyle I am TOTALLY here for. Until I do a Regina George and come to the horrible realisation that sweatpants are all that fit me right now... Anyway this morning I pulled some pastel colour beauty looks from the AW17 fashion shows to use in an upcoming feature. I can not believe the hard work that goes into every single page of the magazine, seriously! I saw a page of edit and every single work, phrase, image, font is scrutinised to make sure every detail is perfect. I have a whole new appreciation for editors!

Honorary Spectrum Sister for the night
After work I headed over to the veeery swanky Mayfair Hotel, to meet up with the Spectrum ladies who had organised a viewing party for their episode of Britain's Next Top Model, with all the models in attendance, of course. (No biggie) It was as fabulous as I would have expected, and I'm preeeetty sure my blood type is prosecco right now.

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  1. This sounds like the best week! I'm so glad you're enjoying your time there - it seems like an amazing opportunity, eeek!

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