Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Spectrum x Mean Girls Burn Book Collection Launch Party

So last Wednesday I was lucky enough to be invited along to the launch party of the insaaaane new Mean Girls make-up brush collection by Spectrum Collections. You will have seen the brushes from their previous collections all over Instagram- it's impossible NOT to take photos of the beautiful marble, unicorn, multicolour, mermaid-inspired brushes and bomb shell bags. But this collection is something else!

Inspired by Mean Girls, they have a freaking Burn Book! It's a case for the 10-piece brush set, but also doubles as a bag. Each brush has a quote from Mean Girls, and as it's one of my favourite films and I probably quote it at least once a day, it made me feel so nostalgic! 

Anyway- back to the launch party! Beth and I are obsessed with London, so we made a list of Instagrammable cafes, bars and restaurants we wanted to visit beforehand, and I packed my trusty Olympus PEN in my bag so we could get some fancy shots for Instagram and make a full day of it! Obviously that failed because we didn't realise how far apart they were (schoolboy error) but we DID manage to get to a bar called 'Tonight Josephine' in Waterloo. Everything about it was so beautiful - the cocktails, the neon signs, the Kate Moss quote outside the door- why are there NO places like this in the North?!?! (Reason number 32939482039 I need to move to London.)

Also, I'm gonna apologise for the photo quality of the photos below now, I ended up having so much fun, the PEN stayed firmly in my bag, so these are all iPhone specials- sorry!

After a couple of Love Potion's and Pornstar Martini's, we headed to the Ice Tank, where the event was being held. When we arrived there was ACTUAL PAPARAZZI outside. It was crazy  getting out of the taxi to about 10 men all snapping away. (Even if they probably deleted them all after like who the F are they.) We carried on posing by the Mean Girls wall, and were greeted by Regina George's mom with cocktails- which had tiny burn books made of fondant icing on them! Seriously, the attention to detail was CRAZY. (And of course the dress code was pink- it was a Wednesday after all!)

As well as the COOL MOM, also milling around the room were Janice (..Ian- DYKE.) Kevin Gnapoor, Damien and Coach Carter. There was a treat table with chocolate unicorn bark (which I ate about 82 tonnes of- oops), doughnuts with 'I'm a cool mom!' in icing, and loads of other sweet things which looked (almost) too good to eat! They were made by a company called Sugar Tits, which I've seen on Instagram have created some other incredible looking treats for other amazing events. Can you cater my next birthday party please?

There was a photo booth, A HUGE BURN BOOK which everyone could sign *dies*, lockers showcasing the incredible new Burn Book collection and brushes, Unicorn Tears Gin, Candy Kittens, a nail bar (gutted I had Shellac done a couple of days before so I couldn't take advantage) and blogger babe Zoe London on the decks.

'Put it in the book!'
Oh, and Jess and Dom from Love Island were there! Now I am not one for fan-girling, but everyone knows how obsessed I was with Love Island so of course I got a photo! (Not even sorry.) They are 100% my type on paper. Also in attendance were Lucy Meck, Lucy Watson, Nicola Hughes, Kady McDermott and a couple of beauts from Britain's Next Top Model.

As well as obsessed over every tiny details the Spectrum Sisters had put into making it the event of the year, it was amazing to meet some blogger babes IRL. I met the lovely Leah, Fran, Jordan and CASSIE! It sounds to lame to be like 'I've been talking to this girl online for about a year' (and slightly weird) but I bonded with Cassie over the most un-bloggy thing on Twitter- Taz's Angels! (If you don't know- Google it in your own time cos it's a bit NSFW!) I can't wait to see you again girl! *Girl crush & #FF every day for the rest of eternity*

*Get someone who looks at you the way Claudia looks at Cassie*
Thank you so much Hannah and Sophie (aka the Spectrum Sisters!) for such an incredible night, and congratulations on such a huge collaboration. If I was Prom Queen I would definitely snap my crown up and give you both a piece.

The Mean Girls collaboration will be available on August 30th from the Spectrum website here. The 10 piece brush set with the Burn Book is £79.99, or you can purchase both separately. 

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  1. OMG this looks like THE MOST FUN EVENT. So jealous. I want them to do one in LA!