Wednesday, 23 August 2017


Yes, ANOTHER post about cosmetic surgery! (Or facial aesthetics, if you're a know-it-all, like me.) I don't know whether I should be worried that my surgery posts do a million percent better than all the others (except this one, which I poured my heart into and I am still so overwhelmed by the reaction I got from you all!) but either way, I like getting it, and you like reading it- so it's win win!

I'm going to start by saying I am so sorry about the shockingly bad quality of photos of the actual procedure, you'll find out below that it was kind of an impulse decision so I have just had to screen shot bits from my Snapchat story (Cos you all know I love filming my procedures! There is actually method to the madness with the filming business- if I'm concentrating on looking cute for the camera, it takes my mind off the pain! Sounds dumb AF when I'm typing it out right now but it works ok!)

I'm not going to lie, I wasn't actually planning on getting cheek fillers last time I went to see Amiey for a little top-up on my lips, well, when I say 'little top-up, it's actually the 5th time I've actually been so far this year, whoops! If you follow me on Snapchat/Instagram stories, you will have seen that I went down to London to do a photoshoot for Cosmpolitan magazine last month *SCREAMS INTERNALLY!* No, it wasn't for the cover- which annoyingly my mum thought it was when I text her saying what I was doing in London.
The conversation went something like this:
Me- MUM!!!! I'm on my way to London to shoot for Cosmo!'
My Mum- 'Wow, for the cover?!'

THE COVER....Seriously. No Mum it's probably going to be a 3cm wide snippet of my face on page 184 but thanks for making it sound rubbish now :|

Anyway, it was for a feature they were doing about, you guess it- lip fillers! So Amiey being the absolute babe that she is squeezed me in at 10pm at night! I whizzed up to Manchester and got my usual 1ml in my lips, and then I was feeling a bit adventurous, and Amiey convinced me they would change my life, so I got 1ml in each of my cheeks too.

The actual procedure feels WEIRD. If you've had your lips done before it is nowhere near as painful. It's not even really pain. It's just weird. Amiey started by drawing what looked whiskers on my face, but these were to outline my cheekbones so she knew where to inject the filler. She then numbed the area, and started injecting- the fun part! The weird feeling was that you can actually feel this needle touching your BONE. Actual bone. I thought I was going to be paralysed but each injection lasts not even 5 seconds, and it's only 3 on each side, as opposed to about 93494829 with your lips.

With regards to pain afterwards, absolutely none! I woke up the next morning feeling like I had been chewing a piece of gum for about 10 hours, but I would't really count that as pain.

And with regards to the results, I. AM. OBSESSED. The only thing I'm mad about is not getting them sooner! I am blessed with enormous cheekbones anyway (thanks mum), but they have lifted and completely defined them- so my contour and highlight game has gone from 0-100, no joke! It's so annoying when people are like 'you've had cheek filler? You can't tell!' Erm YEAH you're not supposed to be able to 'tell' Karen, they're supposed to look like I was born with cheekbones chiselled by angels, what do you want them to look like? Two huge gerbil cheeks? EYE ROLL.

Obviously, everything I get done is by Amiey at Faces by AKJ. As well as being a total sweetheart, she is absolutely amazing at what she does and I wouldn't trust my face with anyone else! Loads of my friends are now regulars with her, so tell her I sent you!


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