Monday, 17 July 2017

Rihanna x FENTYxPUMA Fur Sliders: NEW COLOURS!

Ever since I got my FentyxPuma pink fur sliders about a year ago, I have been absolutely obsessed with them. No joke, I wear them everywhere- much to eeeeeeeeveryones dismay. Every time I put them on I hear at least one 'Oh my God what the hell is on your feet' (or words to that effect) but haterz gonna hate. They probably couldn't pull them off anyway (*insert smug face emoji here*)

Anyway. I wanted to get both the black and the pink, but they sold out so quickly, and it was only by fluke that I saw them on the 'New In' section of trusty ASOS so I snapped up a pair. I bought a size 6- my normal shoe size- but they are SO BIG :( Of course I still wear them because there's absolutely no chance of my snagging another pair unless I want to pay £150 for them on eBay and risk them being fake. Which I am not prepared to do. So word of advice for anyone purchasing the new colour release- go a size down!

The new pastel colour way includes Orchid Bloom (purple), Bay (green) and Cool Blue (I'll give you one guess..!) I'm not wild about the colour purple so I got the other two colours. They arrived this morning and OH MY GOD I am in love. It's times like these that I wish I had six feet so I could wear them all at once. Ok maybe I don't want six feet, but you can see how much I love them!

The new colours dropped on Saturday 15th July on the official Puma website, but you can still get them on ASOS here!

I hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive that annoying blob on the bottom left of this otherwise lush photo

Did you get anything from the FENTYxPUMA footwear range? What is your favourite colour from the newbies?


  1. Yassssssss I want these so badly! I have heard that they run huge...good to know since I wear a size 6 as well!

    1. I wish I knew they ran so big before I got my pink ones- they're sooo big but I love them so much I just deal with the fact they feel like canal barges!! hahaha