Wednesday, 12 July 2017

My Nose Job Story (Including Before and After Pics!)

This post is one that I have been meaning to write for a while, but similar to the one I wrote a few months ago about 'how to get over your ex' (read it here), I have been slightly hesitant to post it. The first reason is because I KNOW how nasty internet trolls can be. And the second is because it genuinely makes me feel sick to look at old pictures of myself pre-nose job. Not only because I hate how it looks- obviously or I would have had surgery on it, but because it brings back ALL OF DA FEELS.

The new and improved Claudia Wright
I have wanted a nose job ever since I can remember. In fact, my mum found one of my old diaries from like 2005 and on one part of it I just wrote I WANT A JOB NOSE over and over on about 20 pages. I was 13. Which is so sad to think about, even now, because although I've always been a positive, happy person, I'e always been good at hiding my emotions. I remember the little things I would do, like never let people take photos of me without me knowing, and even when I posed for a photo (which was rare) I would delete it anyway. I would always pose looking dead on straight at the camera so my side profile was well hidden, and I did a weird little smirk-smile because I never wanted to draw attention to my mouth (because it was near my nose). If I was out with my friends I would always position myself so nobody was directly looking at my side profile, and I would beg teachers to let me sit at the back of the table on every seating plan, so again, my side profile wasn't on show. Thank GOD we weren't the social media, selfie, vlogging, photo taking generation that we are now or I probably wouldn't have left the house!

Nobody really cares about the opposite sex when you're in primary school, let's be honest we're all more bothered about playing bulldogs or scarecrow tig, so it didn't really affect me back then. My nose got a lot more attention when I moved up into high school, because let's face it, kids can be horrible. I remember hearing that certain boys 'would fancy me if my nose was smaller' and things to that affect. I didn't actually have a boyfriend until I was 21, so I wasn't really arsed if boys fancied me back then to be fair, but it still really hurt. One particular time that stood out was when I was shopping in town with a friend on a Saturday, and a complete stranger (I was about 14 and so was he) shouted about how big my nose was. I just burst into tears on the street, it was AWFUL. It was shortly after that that I had a serious talk with my mum about getting surgery. She was so understanding, but I was 16 so she said I would have to 'do some research and wait till I was older'. Obviously that was a polite way of saying absolutely not until your older, so I asked my eldest brother if he would lend me the money and fly to Poland with me, because I read that it was loads cheaper over there. Thank GOD I didn't!!!!! 

The Dreaded 'Before' Photos

I'm not ashamed to admit I have destroyed the disk I got with all my official 'before' nose photos on, because I felt sick. I was having surgery to change my nose, so what the hell would I would a disk full of photos of the thing on it?! What was I going to do, scroll through them when I was bored? No. I would rather volunteer for the Hunger Games. So finding 'before' photos to post on here was kind of difficult because I have deleted/de-tagged all the worst ones, but I managed to dig up some purely for the sake of this post. I can't actually believe I'm posting these online for everyone to see, but it would be ridiculous to post a surgery experience without before and after photos. So here goes.. 

My actual worst nightmare. THE MONEY SHOT
Hoping the mahogany shade of my body would distract from my face... 
From the front
The Consultation 

After seeing how unhappy I was, my Mum found me a surgeon who specialised in nose jobs, who was relatively local, and we went for a consultation when I was 17 (back in 2010!). The consultation alone was £250, and he told me he would absolutely not operate on me until I was 18. Crushing to hear, but what did I expect? Him to crack out his scalpel out and start chiselling away at my face there and then? Fortunately, my 18th birthday on the horizon, so he booked me in my surgery for the coming August. I remember taking photos of Katie Price in with me like 'I want this nose!!!' but during the consultation we agreed that he would remove the bump and make sure it still 'fit my face', if you get what I mean? Because I still wanted to look like me! (But better. Obv.)

The Procedure

Because I had a large bump in my nose that I wanted removing, I was told I would be getting an open rhinoplasty- where he would slice across my septum, flip my nose up and chisel away at the bridge, to remove the bump and make it straight. *shudders* It would take around 2 hours, and I would be staying overnight in the private hospital. To be honest, the whole experience from arriving at the hospital, to leaving the following morning, is a blur. I remember arriving, getting changed into that rancid gown and some huge baggy hospital granny knickers, Dr Srinivasan greeting me and taking my 'before photos', saying bye to my Mum, the nurse wheeling me into a room, asking some questions about uni while she injected me with local anaesthetic and the next minute I woke up in a dark room in the middle of the night with an oxygen mask on. I couldn't feel my face at all, but I remember my lips felt really chapped so I pressed the panic button and a nurse appeared. For some reason I brought my make-up bag with me (LOL) so this nurse was applying bright pink glittery Dior lipgloss on me at like 4am, because it was the only moisturising lip product I had with me! *DIVA*. I could barely even walk to my bathroom to have a wee, because my head felt about 20 stone- weeeeeeeird feeling!

The Morning After

I had a huge cast over my nose, with two huge pieces of tape across my cheeks to hold it on, so when my Dad came to take me home in the morning, it looked like he was chauffeuring me straight of the set of Saw 6. Not pretty. I was quarantined in my house for the next 7 days, because a) I would terrify the neighbours, b) I couldn't risk getting a cough or a cold or my nose would have probably dropped off, and c) my face was so swollen and bruised it was GREEN, so I had to eat my meals through a straw. Therefore I needed my mum, aka my personal carer, with me 24/7.

The Big Reveal!

You have to keep the cast on for a week, and I am not joking, you think a treadmill or a microwave minute is slow, I swear that week lasted ten years!!!!!! I kept having nightmares about the doctor taking it off and looking like Michael Jackson, or it just not looking anything like what I wanted. Because let's be serious, a nose job is a preeeeetty big deal, it's slap bang in the middle of your face. Once the cast came off, Dr Srinivasan had to pull the gauze out of my nostrils. The thought of this now makes me feel physically sick, but at the time I wasn't phased because I just wanted to see my reflection! Google it if you don't have a weak stomach- perhaps not when you're about to/have just eaten though. Basically, after the surgery, while you're still asleep, he packs each nostril tight with between 1 and 3 feet of gauze to hold the position of the new nose, and obviously this needs to be removed along with the cast. VOM. It felt like he was pulling metres and metres of string from inside my stomach out through my nose- uncomfortable was an understatement!

The first photo I posted online of my new nose. September 10th 2010
My Dad took me to get the cast off, and I think we both cried when it came off! I LOVED what I saw.  I couldn't believe it was me. When we got home, I put some foundation on and drove straight over to my best friend Jess' house to show her, and I think her and her Dad cried too! I was like another person. I felt like I was GLOWING.

Such a difference!
The Cost

The question everyone wants to know!!!! Obviously the price of nose jobs vary with every surgery, taking into consideration whether it's an open or closed rhinoplasty etc, but mine was around £4,500. And yes, my parents paid. Not really anyones business but everyone always wants to know! I'm always so open about things like this so I don't mind disclosing things like that. Yes, it's expensive, and yes it sounds extremely cheesy but it genuinely changed my life.


Was it worth it? Yes. Absolutely. I am a full supporter of changing anything that you are not happy with. I hated my nose, so why would I spend MORE years of my life being unhappy about it when I can change it? My family and friends will probably say that I'm probably a bit too confident now (understatement!) but I wake up every day and I'm happy. So I'm eternally grateful!

Was the pain unbearable? Like I said above, the whole experience is a blur. But I've had someone physically slice my skin, break my nose and chisel the bone. So yes. It was painful. But the aftercare I got through the medical practice, the fact I had my whole family catering to my every need post-surgery, and the sheer excitement of getting the nose I dreamed of blocked out any pain.

Would I get any more surgery?
Well, I wrote about the surgery/beauty treatments I have had so far here, but yes, I want another nose job. I am far too critical about my own appearance, and there is just a few tweaks I want. Obviously my mum and dad won't be funding this one, so scraping £4k together is going to be a bit tricky as I can't even save a tenner.

Which surgeon did you use? My nose job was done at Fulwood Hall Hospital by Dr Jeyaram Srinivasan.


  1. Literally this is my dream! Gorgeous job - obviously you were pretty before and I have your old nose at the moment (so I know how it feels to not feel pretty even though people say so) and also the same issues with my nose (asking a wedding photographer to not take any pics of me side on made me feel pathetic but the thought of pictures of my nose was the worst feeling of all!) that is the perfect job he's done! I want him to magic mine to be like yours too!!!

    Just a small saving issue.... hopefully in a few years I'll be knocking on his door :) you're a legend for posting all this and the pics are so good. xxx

    1. Thanks so much Jess! Aghhhh I completely understand what you mean with the wedding photos- it's such a horrible situation to be in!

      If you have any other questions let me know :)

      Claudia xx

  2. Your nose looks amazing! I have a similar nose to yours before you had the surgery but mines a lot wider and Ive wanted a nose job. I doubt I would have one for a few years again but I really hate my nose. I cant wait to have it done. xx

    1. I think you should definitely change anything you're not happy with- life is too short!

      (you're stunning btw!)

      Claudia xx

  3. You were gorgeous anyway. But I totally agree- it's your body and your life. I think you're really rave to post this and a total babe x

    Sarah |

    1. Sarah every time you comment I can't wait to read! Thanks so much for all the support girl!


  4. Brilliant blog, and you are abso stunning 😍

  5. Really inspririg story thank you so much for sharing! I am in the same boat as you were pre surgery, in fact a child even told me in a shopping centre the other day by shouting out “you have a really pointy nose” was so upsetting even though it was from an innocent child.
    Can you please tell me if you’ve had any issues post surgery? I’ve heard about people having breathing issues or constantly having a runny nose


  6. It is very useful information you describe in the blog post, but I have a question about rhinoplasty please tell me. What are my options if I’m not satisfied with the outcome?