Sunday, 2 July 2017

How to Get Motivated (and Stay Motivated!) in the Gym

Rise and Griiiiind!
I've started working out in the mornings before work on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Starting my day with a spin class/GRIT circuit is amazing for 2 reasons. 1: it's done and dusted before 8am, which means I don't have to spend my whole day having the muster up a bit of enthusiasm to drag myself to to gym after work and I can actually have a social life after work. 2: I can have carbs for breakfast!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm no nutritionist, but I follow a few Body Coach groups on Facebook and loosely try and follow Joe's plan where you only eat carbs after you've worked out. Which means I can tuck into a nice big bowl of protein zoats (courgette grated into oats so it feels like you're eating more without all the extra cals!) when I get to my desk in the morning! 

Unfortunately taking selfies in bed doesn't count as cardio :(

Update your Playlist
When I was training for my half-marathon last year I fell into the trap of listening to my 'running' playlist to DEATH. The actual songs on it were really good, but I listened to it so frequently that I anticipated each track and knew exactly how long it was and did the whole 'ok this song is 3 mins 49 so when it gets to the second chorus that means I've only got about 2 minutes left which means it's nearly half way through which means I've probably run about another 0.3 of a km' etc etc, and it is painful! If you have Spotify, download the 'Release Radar' and 'Discovery Weekly' playlists, they're constantly updated based on music you already listen to which means new music every time you work out!

All the Gear…
I’m actually not gonna finish that phrase, because the more you hit the gym, the more idea you WILL have, but you understand what I was getting at. I am a full supporter of the idea that beautiful new active wear is motivation to actually go and work out. Lets be serious, who’s first thought when they pull on the same oversized t-shirt that you got free at a bar crawl in Magaluf in 2007 (that you probably wore to bed the night before) is WOO LET’S GO RUNNING! It’s nobodies. However, imagine pulling on your new Adidas leggings (that suck you in in all the right places) fresh kicks and a new top made from that special material that dries you off quickly so you don’t absolutely reek/are dripping with sweat 5 minutes into your spin class? EXACTLY.  (Also before I buy anything from Adidas/Nike/ASOS (they have an amazing activewear edit), I Google search discount codes- there are nearly always 15% and 20% codes flying about!)

Don't Fall into a Routine
Sliiiiight hypocrite saying this, because I have certain classes that I attend every week without fail- Tuesday morning spin/GRIT, Wednesday spin and Bodypump and Thursday morning spin. Then I try and run Saturday morning (if I'm not hungover) and attend double spin and Bodypump on Sunday morning. (Again, if I'm not hungover!) But aside from this, I'm always looking for new classes to try out to stop me falling into a routine and getting bored. Don't be afraid to venture OUT of the gym! I go to a bootcamp style workout called TRIB3 (I blogged my first trip here!) when I'm in Sheffield, and I'm trying out hot yoga, trapeze yoga (yep- I have no idea either!) and Barrecorre- well, if the VS Angels swear by it then it must be good!

I mean, I know we would all love to have bodies like Bella Hadid, Em Ratajkowski or Kim K, but chances are, if you weren't blessed with a petite frame or you don't have a live in chef and personal trainer then you're gonna have to work a little bit harder. To motivate myself to work out, I watch Snapchat. No seriously, Khloe, Kim and Kourtney all snap their daily workouts, and it may sound silly, but it is SO good for motivation! One minute I'm lying on the couch, next minute I'm furiously swiping through my phone to check when the next GRIT or circuits class starts at my gym. And it doesn't have to just be celebrities! I also follow loooooooads of hot girls on Instagram and screen shot all my body inspo. Sounds very creepy, and even creepier now that I'm typing this out in black and white (erm) but there is one girl I follow on Insta who has an amaaaaazing bod. She isn't a fitness blogger or a model, she just works out a couple of times a week and she is my ideal body goals! And no, I'm not gonna say who she is cos she's just a random girl from Ireland and I'm gonna look like a weirdo.

What are your tips for motivating yourself to work out?


  1. I'm into weightlifting and I usually follow Whitney Simmons's workouts from YouTube. She's the best! Changing up my routine and being able to lift heavier weights really motivates me.

  2. I started going to the gym a few months back and I agree that these are definetely great tips! Falling into a routine can be easy and it's better to mix it up!

    Kayleigh Zara 🍁

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