Sunday, 18 June 2017

23 Signs Your Love Island Addiction is Out of Control

Aand before you take the title in a bad way, it most certainly is not! I for one am proud to say I am 100% obsessed with it, and I am happily avoiding every social event that takes places after 9pm for the next 7 weeks so I don't miss a single ep. (soz pals)

1. Saturdays have officially gone from the best day of the week to the worst. What the hell am I supposed to do with my evening?

2. You’ve had at least 4 rows with your housemates because they talked through an important part of the show. (YES, the credit’s count!!!!!! QUIET.)

3. ‘What’s a Blazing Squad’ will never NOT be funny.

4. Your WhatsApp group chats are absolute FIRE between the hours of 21:00 and 22:00.

5. Your photo album is brimming with Love Island memes (with a good 90% featuring ya boi Marcel from Blazin’ Squad)

6. You count the hours till 9pm, and post about it on Twitter. ('Is it 9pm yet?' always rakes in a few likes doesn't it)

7. You think in-depth on a nightly basis about who needs to pair with who, who has a game plan and who needs to leave. (Cough *AMBER* cough*)

8. You’ve stalked all the Islanders and followed them on every social media. (Those pics of Dom with the long hair though looooooool)

9. You genuinely get stressed out when someone is getting mugged off (sob, Sam)

10. You’ve bonded with random’s on Twitter from your mutual love and hate for each person/situation.

11. You temporarily lose contact with friends and family who don’t watch the show. (Well, what are you meant to talk to them about?!)

12. You care more about the flourishing relationship of Johnny and Camilla than you do your own. (It can't just be me who feel like a proud mother and finds myself creepily smiling at the TV every time they are together?)

13. You see the genuine excitement in Marcel's face every time they get a text about a new Islander, because it means one more person to tell that he was in Blazin' Squad!!!

14. You never want to look at, discuss, or hear a polar bear again. (FUCK OFF CHRIS)

15. Your Twitter feed is 90% Love Island.

16. You’ve spent at least 2 hours trying to find Jessica’s sex tape.

17. You’ve already started dreading what life is going to be like when the show has ended. (What’s a social life?)

18. You’ve deleted people on Facebook for labelling the show ‘trash’ or slagging it off. (they deserved it anyway)

19. You care more about the status of Jonny and Camilla's relationship than you do your own.

20. You’ve already filled out the application form and started smashing the gym in prep for when you’re part of the cast next year. (The camera adds 10 pounds,  yano.)

21. You're still secretly hoping for JB (from TOWIE and previous Love Island) to come in and confront Chloe.

22. You've already forgotten who Harley is. (FYI- he left first.)

23. Your new life motto is to be a Camilla in a world full of Ambers.

If you're as obsessed with Love Island as me- join me on Twitter! I post regular running commentaries so get involved! (Click here to follow me)


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