Sunday, 18 June 2017

23 Signs Your Love Island Addiction is Out of Control

Aand before you take the title in a bad way, it most certainly is not! I for one am proud to say I am 100% obsessed with it, and I am happily avoiding every social event that takes places after 9pm for the next 7 weeks so I don't miss a single ep. (soz pals)

1. Saturdays have officially gone from the best day of the week to the worst. What the hell am I supposed to do with my evening?

2. You’ve had at least 4 rows with your housemates because they talked through an important part of the show. (YES, the credit’s count!!!!!! QUIET.)

3. ‘What’s a Blazing Squad’ will never NOT be funny.

4. Your WhatsApp group chats are absolute FIRE between the hours of 21:00 and 22:00.

5. Your photo album is brimming with Love Island memes (with a good 90% featuring ya boi Marcel from Blazin’ Squad)

6. You count the hours till 9pm, and post about it on Twitter. ('Is it 9pm yet?' always rakes in a few likes doesn't it)

7. You think in-depth on a nightly basis about who needs to pair with who, who has a game plan and who needs to leave. (Cough *AMBER* cough*)

8. You’ve stalked all the Islanders and followed them on every social media. (Those pics of Dom with the long hair though looooooool)

9. You genuinely get stressed out when someone is getting mugged off (sob, Sam)

10. You’ve bonded with random’s on Twitter from your mutual love and hate for each person/situation.

11. You temporarily lose contact with friends and family who don’t watch the show. (Well, what are you meant to talk to them about?!)

12. You care more about the flourishing relationship of Johnny and Camilla than you do your own. (It can't just be me who feel like a proud mother and finds myself creepily smiling at the TV every time they are together?)

13. You see the genuine excitement in Marcel's face every time they get a text about a new Islander, because it means one more person to tell that he was in Blazin' Squad!!!

14. You never want to look at, discuss, or hear a polar bear again. (FUCK OFF CHRIS)

15. Your Twitter feed is 90% Love Island.

16. You’ve spent at least 2 hours trying to find Jessica’s sex tape.

17. You’ve already started dreading what life is going to be like when the show has ended. (What’s a social life?)

18. You’ve deleted people on Facebook for labelling the show ‘trash’ or slagging it off. (they deserved it anyway)

19. You care more about the status of Jonny and Camilla's relationship than you do your own.

20. You’ve already filled out the application form and started smashing the gym in prep for when you’re part of the cast next year. (The camera adds 10 pounds,  yano.)

21. You're still secretly hoping for JB (from TOWIE and previous Love Island) to come in and confront Chloe.

22. You've already forgotten who Harley is. (FYI- he left first.)

23. Your new life motto is to be a Camilla in a world full of Ambers.

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Monday, 12 June 2017

5 Reasons to Get Eyelash Extensions

Before I started working for Nouveau Lashes I had only had lash extensions once or twice, because I was a slave to the strips! No lie- I used to bulk buy those packs of 10 from China and wouldn't leave the house without a pair. And when I finally got a job and upgraded to Eylure (*paints nails emoji*) I would wear up to 3 pairs on a night out. THREE. And I was going out about 4/5 times a week so that is a lotttttttt of money. And a lot of lashes. It actually makes me cringe so hard because I look absolutely battered in every photo from uni nights out, but it's actually cos my eyelids are so weighed down!

I woke up like dis

Eyelash extensions have been an absolute game changer for me, and I know they have a bad rep for ruining your natural lashes, (experienced it myself!) so it really is important to do your research before you book in! Find an eyelash tech through recommendation, a well-known training company or check out their work on Facebook/Instagram beforehand.

1. I feel a million percent nicer in the gym.
My favourite classes are GRIT and spin- probably two of the sweatiest(!) so when my face is so red it looks like it's about to explode and my hair/back/elbows/every crevice imaginable is dripping with sweat, I still feel nice. Also- there are SO many fit PT's in my gym so it just makes me feel better. Vain, I know, but I bet half the girls reading this feel the same! And yes- once the initial 48 hours are over you can shower in them, swim, sauna, everything!

2. Those extra 15 minutes in bed!
If you are one of those people who set their alarm for 1 minute later when it goes off in the morning (as if that 60 seconds is REALLY gonna make a difference to how much more tired I am that day!) then you'll appreciate this one. Kind of cheating because I have micro bladed brows too, but the fact I don't have to wear any liquid eyeliner or mascara or eyebrow products shaves sooooo much time off my morning routine. I literally put on foundation, bronzer, and highlighter and I'm done.

3. Winged liner can do one.
If you are like me, and yet to master the feline flick then a full set of wispy lashes mean you don't have to bother (HALLELUJAH!) Of course, it depends what lashes you get- I get SVS, which are less dramatic than the thicker appearance of Russian Volume, but fuller than classic extensions. They are different lengths which give a really full, textured look, which means they accentuate my eyes enough without eyeliner. I mean, of course I still wear it occasionally, but nowhere near as much as I used to.

4. Embracing my inner Kardashian
As I mentioned earlier, the style of lashes I get are called SVS- speed, volume, style. They are different to Russian Volume, in that I think Russian Volume can look quite 'strip lash-y'. Too thick, too full and too uniform. I love the textured, wispy effect of SVS, they really suit my eye shape and make me feel another 1% like my girl Kim Kardash.

5. 100% Fuss Free!
Ok, maybe 90% fuss free, because there are certain times that I wish I didnt have them on- like when I REEEEEAAAALLLLY need to rub my eye and I can't. Or when I just wanna scrub my face with exfoliator really hard but I can't so I have to gently wipe around the eye area *eye roll*. But overall, they are fuss free. After my initial application, I get them infilled every couple of weeks, or I use my at-home lash extension remove when I'm ready for a fresh, full new set.

A more natural look
And before you ask, NO this is not shameless promo because I work for an eyelash company. The reason so many of you love my blog is because of my honesty, and I would only ever promote products and treatments that I genuinely use, and would use my own money to purchase. MWAH. X