Sunday, 9 April 2017

The Importance of Good Photography in Blogging

I have never had a talent for photography. Selfies, yes. You only need to take one glance at my Instagram to see that I've got my 'good side' and flattering angles down to a tee. However, when it comes to lifestyle photography: flat lays, scenic shots, outfit pics and all that, there is a LOT left to be desired.

I would spend hours reading tutorials on how to make my flay lays looks perfect, or which angles to take products shots of, and failed miserably every time. I mean, maybe 3 out of the 600 I took would make the cut, but there was still something missing, and I wanted to be posting photography on my blog that I was genuinely proud to say was mine. Bearing in mind at this point, all my photos were taken on my iPhone 6S.

It was only earlier this year, in January, after I was invited to a swanky dinner at The Mansion in Leeds that I seriously considered upping my photography game. 9 out of 10 bloggers currently own an Olympus Pen so I knew that was the one I wanted (#bandwagon #bothered) and it was also the camera we had access to at work, so I borrowed it for the event. The photos were unreal- and seriously put my iPhone pics to shame!!!! In fact, I was genuinely mortified that I had been using my phone for blog photos for all these years. The clarity and quality and focus and just everything was 10000000x times better, and I received so many compliments on the blog regarding my photos so I bit the bullet and bought my own.

Just look at the difference between the quality of these photos.

iPhone photo:

Olympus PEN photo:

A pretty pricey investment at around £400, but in my option, an absolute no brainer. Since getting my PEN I have had so many more brands contacting me to work with me, and I actually enjoy having little photoshoots in my bedroom when I am photographing a new product or creating a gift guide. I also don't mind splashing out on props and backgrounds because I know they are going to make my pretty photos even prettier! I'm still working on my actual photography skills- they are going to take some improvement!- but if you are on the fence about investing in a quality camera then go for it! Your skills will improve rapidly and you will really notice a positive difference on not only your blog, but your Instagram, Twitter, FB, Pinterest, everything!

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