Saturday, 1 April 2017

My Thoughts On: Wearing Makeup to the Gym

I see SO many indirect tweets these days like 'oh my god just seen a girl wearing a full face of make-up in the gym what an idiot!' (Or words to that effect, usually the language is slightly more flowery) It's a weird one, because you obviously go to the gym to work out, which involves sweating, and who would want to sweat with a thick layer of foundation on? It should be a no-brainer, which is probably why I see so much outrage on social media when someone is spotted in spin class with make-up on.

Well, that person sat in spin class wearing a full face is me! (Front and centre, of course.) Of course, everyone is allowed to have their opinion, and I've probably been the victim of a secret Snapchat questioning why the hell I've got slap on for the gym, but how is that effecting YOUR life? And why do people get so outraged and feel the need to tweet snidey things about it? I remember years ago when someone from our college tweeted something like 'can't take girls who don't tie they hair up in the gym seriously' and me and my friends were howling. I had to use all my willpower not to tweet something sarcastic back because I just thought what a ridiculous statement!

 I like to (try and) look nice, and obviously I'm not gonna specifically contour my face to death before a sweaty cardio session, but if I'm coming straight from work, which is usually the case, yeah I'll keep it on. Sometimes I bring a makeup wipe if I know I'm gonna be sweating from every crevice (soz bout the TMI) but if I'm doing weights or something pretty low intensity then I don't mind keeping it on. 

The fact I usually have full volume eyelash extensions on probably makes me look more done up than the average person before a night out (lolz) but if it makes me feel good, then what's the problem?

What are your thoughts on make-up in the gym?


  1. Oh my god I LOVE this post. I always wear foundation to the gym because I have naturally sensitive skin and go as red as a tomato when I exercise without it. I know it's not that great for my skin, but the alternative is me feeling incredibly self-conscious and unconfident so I'd rather have it on. Plus 99% of the time I am going to the gym at the end of the day so I'm not going to take it off and have to remember to bring makeup remover specifically, that's just time consuming and too much effort for me! And like you said, what's it to anyone else eh? Xxxxx

  2. Mine isn't even that thought through - I finish work, go to the gym, don't take it off. Literally that simple. Why is it such an issue to other people!?

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