Saturday, 29 April 2017



I'm only bloody 25 this year! Well, when I say this year, I mean in exactly 17 days. So is now is an acceptable time to have a mid life crisis and panic about why I'm not a married homeowner with my own thriving business, 2 kids and a Range Rover? Joooooooke. I would actually need a boyfriend for a start (LOL) and to be honest I hate when I see other people my age worrying about not 'having their shit together', because 25 is 25. It's still young! I can barely look after myself, never mind anyone else, so RELAX. 

Anyway, on to something more important- MY BIRTHDAY WISH LIST! So Mum and Dad (and all my secret admirers), if you're reading this, I've included shoppable links to all the items featured for your convenience. Can't wait to open them ALL on the morning of May 16th, whilst eating a carrot cake the size of my body and listening to Jeremih- Birthday Sex/Katy Perry- Birthday/50 Cent- In Da Club on repeat all day.

Are any of these on your wish lists?


  1. The Violet Voss palette looks so beautiful. Ive had my eye on it for ages now!

  2. The violet voss palette is a stunner! I'm dying to try something from that brand! Love the Prada sunglasses too x

  3. The Anastasia Beverly Hills glow kit looks so good! And the gucci bag is gorgeous (Happy Birthday by the way!)
    Imi xox

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