Tuesday, 7 March 2017

The Best Series to Watch on Netflix (IMO)

Orange is the New Black

This the first television series I would say I properly binge watched. I think I steamed through the entirety of series 1 in about 2 days, I think at one point I watched 8 episodes in one day! (#unemployedlife) It's a comedy-drama series about a woman named Piper who ends up in a Litchfield, women's prison institute when her criminal past catches up with her. as well as the plot, one of my favourite things about OITNB are the characters! I love how you learn more about the backstory of each one throughout the series. For example, you start off hating a particular character (not naming names but if you've seen it you will know!) but after you hear about their childhood you have a massive change of heart and they become one of your favourites! It's so hard not to go into detail on this one because I don't wanna ruin it for anything who is yet to watch, but trust me, if you are planning to do so, cancel all your social plans for the forthcoming weeks because you will be hooked. (Lucky for me, when I was watching this, two of my best friends started it too, so we could discuss every episode in detail like the super-fans we are.)


First things first, I can't talk about Power without mentioning the sex scenes! Oh my WORD. They are intense. Not for the faint-hearted. But Power is so addictive, and every scene has some form of twist/drama/action. Plus the main characters are F-I-T. Back to the most important part- what it's actually about. Basically it's a crime drama series about Jamie, or 'Ghost' as he is known, who appears to have it all: a huge house, a beautiful wife and two kids, the best nightclub in town and a successful career. Except his 'successful' career is a drug network. You can see where I'm going with this... Season 4 is set to air this summer, so you have plenty of time to catch up!


I started watching this recently, after raaaaave reviews from my colleague at work. It's a comedy/drama series following four 20-something girls growing up in Manhattan, New York. I'm still on series 1, and there are SIX series for me to catch up on, so I am gonna have to put some serious hours in! (I did watch 6 episodes in a row on Sunday though, just saying')  It's such an easy watch (ideal for hangover days) and I LOVE Lena Dunham. Plus anything that talks candidly about sex, the struggles of growing up and basically anything I can relate to is a hit with me. And did I say I love Lena Dunham?

Ru Paul's Drag Race

Gentlemen, start your engines! Ok who doesn't love Ru Paul? Seriously. I watched one episode and I was hooked. From the outrageous contestants, to the guest judges, and of course Ru himself! The bitchiness is just on another level, and I love the ridiculousness of the challenges- posing seductively whilst submerged in a 10m deep fish tank, or having 10 seconds to dig through a trash can and create haute couture from it and walk down a runway. Oh and of course lip syncing....FOR YOUR LIFE! So cringe, but I can't take my eyes off the screen. In fact, I have actually noticed Ru's catchphrases sneaking into my every day vocabulary. And I'm not complaining. 

Black Mirror

I never imaged myself being hooked on anything that fell into the sci-fi or Utopian genre but Charlie Brooker is a GENIUS. The mini-series is based on everything that is wrong in modern day society, and each episode of the three series so far is equally as dark and twisted as the last, sparking SO.MANY. QUESTIONS. I highly recommend The National Anthem (series 1) White Bear (series 2) Nosedive (series 3) and Shut Up and Dance (series 3, and my personal fave!) 

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