Tuesday, 14 February 2017

12 Things I LOVE (In the Spirit of Valentine's Day!)

Can you BELIEVE I am single?!?!!?!? Joking. In fact, I’ve only ever had one Valentine, which lasted just over two years. So, for a measly two Valentine’s Day’s in the whole of my 24 years on this earth I have been allowed to be all lovey-dovey and soppy and spread it all over the internet. AAAAAaaannd now I’m back to getting Valentine’s Day cards and presents off my Mum. Not that that is a bad thing- Ollie Wright doesn’t mess about when it comes to V-Day presents! This year she bought me a coconut milk EOS balm, a tiny gold chain from UO with a tiny ‘C’ on it, and a glass teapot with some fancy green tea from Whittards. VERY posh indeed. (I love green tea, FYI.) Also, HOW cute is that card?! My parents are so adorable I can't deal!

Even though I don’t have a boyfriend, I can’t stand all the ‘Valentine’s Day is just a load of commercialised rubbish making us think we must throw money away on stupid cards and teddies and flowers’ or ‘you should show you boyfriend/girlfriend you love them EVERY day, not just February 14th!’ BORE. OFF. Stop being so negative keep your miserable comments to yourself. 1. Who needs another reason to give/receive a present from their partner? It’s like an extra birthday! And 2. If I got my boyfriend a card every day of the year, the novelty would soon wear off. And I would be skint. And the world would have zero trees left. It’s always the bitter, single ones anyway!

I love scrolling down my TL and seeing what everyone surprised their loved ones with! I think it’s so cute! I will mentally plan in my head what I would have bought my other half if I had one and maybe my situation will have changed by next year. LOL.

Actual representation of my life in 10 years

Anyway, whilst I am waiting for the postman to pull up with the truck full of cards and presents for me I have decided to share 12 general things I love. Enjoy!

1. Belly laughing when I’m in public, so uncontrollably that it becomes infectious and strangers start smiling and laughing too.

2. When I go back to my Mum and Dad’s house for the weekend and my mums made my favourite tea ready for my arrival. It’s this cabbage, tofu and cashew nut stir fry thing, sounds rank, I know, but it is SO good. And she always makes extra so I can take a huge Tupperware back to Wakefield with me and eat it for every meal for the next week.

3. When I go out for ‘a drink’ with a friend, and it ends up spiralling waaaay out of control and we roll in at stupid-o-clock the next day.

4. When the Homegyals make plans and everyone (all 14 of us!) are in attendance! #SQUADGOALS

5. Getting comments on my blog post/YT videos saying how much that person loves me and my blog. It makes the hours of blogging, photo taking and trawling the interest for funny gif’s at 2am SO worth it!

6. Slowly but surely upping my weights at the gym. Now I live in Wakefield and my social life has taken a massive step down (during the week anyway, my weekends have taken a step up!) I attend Body Pump at least twice a week, and I’m really noticing a difference in my strength, and it feels GOOD. (Is that a bicep muscle I am seeing?!?!?)

7. Getting to the till and finding the item I’m buying is cheaper than I thought. EXTREMELY rare occasion, but when you shop as much as me it really is a treat!

8.  Meeting up with an old friend and it feeling as though we have never been apart.

9. When my make-up looks as good IRL as it does when I’m using the beauty filter on Snapchat (usually after 3 hours of priming)

10. All dayers in the sun with my best friends. There is something about drinking in the day that makes me feel like I'm on holiday (this can't just be me?!) And day drinking also means I'm not as hungover the next day. Although usually I end up going out afterwards and being even more hungover for two whole days afterwards and about £100 down. SO worth it though!

11. Painting my nails before bed and waking up to find that they haven't smudged.

12. Celebrity Twitter beef. *opens popcorn*

Other singletons- what are your favourite things?! Tweet me!


  1. 7 and 8 are my absolute faves too! There's nothing better than finding something already on sale and getting to the till to find out that it's EVEN CHEAPER. I hope you treat yo self today, and your mum is SO sweet

    Steph - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

  2. Ah I love this, so happy you made this a post.. it's too funny! Your blog is so lovely too, you are doing an amazing job on it.. keep up the hard work! x


  3. Such a lovely post! I love celebrating valentines, I don't see why people are so miserable about it!xx

    Lucy x | lucy-cole.co.uk

  4. I think that GIF picture with the cats is me in 10/20/30 years!


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