Sunday, 29 January 2017

What I Got For Christmas: 2016

As much as people turn up their nose and say 'ugh I haaaaate it when people show off their Christmas presents, it's so bratty blah blahhhh' you just KNOW they are they first ones snooping through Instagram and Snapchat on Christmas Day to find out what everyone got. Aaaaaaaaalways the quiet ones. Anyway. Back to the point, I LOVE CHRISTMAS! Nobody has an excuse to be miserable, or argumentative or rude. If someone wants to upload a picture of a Pandora ring and a Michael Kors bag with the hashtag #boydonegood or #luckygirl, bloody let them! Let them have their moment and then get back to being your bitchy old self on Boxing Day or something.

Personally, I love seeing what everyone else got for Christmas! I much prefer the styled out flat lay photos from my favourite bloggers, as opposed to Lauren from down the road carefully positioning her can of deodorant and 3 for £9 Topshop socks around her GHD's and new Nike Free Runs to make the present stack look bigger, but hey! Great haul!

I was absolutely buzzing this year because I put so much thought into the gift for each of my family members, and it was a huge success! (no CK boxers or Lynx Africa here!) I got my Mum a GHD hairdryer- I have no idea why she wanted one so much to be fair cos her hair is about 3mm thick, but I guess now it will be bone dry in 8 seconds instead of 10. I got my Dad some fancy gin glasses from John Lewis, a huge bottle of gin from a gin festival I went to last year, some Ted Baker slippers, a cinnamon candle from Sheffield candle company at the Christmas markets and an enormous 3.5kg bag of fruit salad and blackjack sweets- to my mums horror (she's trying to make him lose weight LOL). I got my eldest brother Louis the Powerbeats 2 wireless Beats by Dre (headphones) and I got my other brother Callum a Nike tracksuit and some gourmet peanut butter- one was white chocolate flavour and one was chocolate brownie! (Not gonna lie I opened them both about an hour later 'to try' - soz Callum.)

And now on to myyyyyyy presents! I'm at the age where I can't just let my mum go AWOL in the Selfridges Beauty Hall because she would come back with glitter hair gel and blue eyeshadow or something, so I have to link her to the EXACT products I want. And my dad just has absolutely no idea, he just pays. ☺️

Morphe 350 palette in Koffee (hurry though- these always sell out so make sure you join the mailing list)

Louboutin 'Me Nude' lipstick from my best friend Sarah! It is so gorgeous I don't even wanna take it out the box. I just wanna hang it on the wall like the masterpiece it is.

YSL Touche Eclat gift set. This was a secret santa present from my friend Manda, and she did good! She also got me a cute candle with my initial on the front, a bottle of pink gin and a 'grow your own boyfriend'......Think my friends are trying to tell me something here.

MAC Cremesheen lipstick in 'Japanese Maple' (can you tell I like nudes?)

I also got money from my parents to go towards my savings, but let's be serious, I'm definitely going to book a holiday with it! (soz rents)

What did everyone else get? I know I'm posting this so late that you probably can't even remember, but link me to your Christmas prezzie posts! I love having a snoop.

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  1. ahh we seem to have very similar tastes as I also received Charlotte Tilbury makeup for Christmas :) very jealous about that Christian Louboutin lipstick though!