Tuesday, 31 January 2017


Now, before I start, I need to make it clear that the photos below were taken STRAIGHT after the procedure, when my lips are fresh and full and swollen- after all, they have just been injected about 348398434983 times with filler!

If you have been following me for a while *fist bump*, you will know I have had filler injected into my lips quite a few times now! Read about my past experiences back in 2014 here and more recently, here. Now, I absolutely loooooooved my fillers with Holly at Flawless Cosmetics, but when I saw Faces by AKJ's work on Facebook, I just had to book in!

The shape I go for is full, plump and not at all natural looking! Blow-up doll, trout pout, whatever you wanna call it, is not to everyones taste, but I just LOVE a big juicy pair of lips! Faces by AKJ had the exact look I wanted so I managed to talk my colleague into it, snagged us both an appointment and we drove up after work. (I needed someone to hold my hand, ok!)

Amy used Intraline, and as a gal who has always had Juvaderm, I was intrigued to what the difference was. She explained that unlike Juvaderm, which has around 30% (I think that's what she said?!) of anaesthetic mixed in to help numb the pain, Intraline is 100% filler, so although it would hurt significantly more, it would last longer and 1ml would create a fuller pout (EXACTLY what I wanted!)

I won't lie, it hurt A LOT. Like, ridiculous amounts. Even though Amy slathered the entire bottom half of my face in numbing cream I could still feel every time the needle pierced my skin, and every 0.0000001ml of the filler being pumped in. NOT NICE. NOT COMFORTABLE. But SO WORTH IT. (Pain is beauty, right?!) And even though I was writhing around in the chair squealing like a little baby piglet, Amy was so calm and did her best to put me at ease. My only regret is not getting 1.5ml (or 2...hehehe)

1 week later
Since I had them done I have had soooooo many DM's, inboxes and messages about where I got them done, so that speaks for itself! (I'm just gonna ignore the fact my mum said my top lip looked like a rubber dinghy because she has zero taste.) In fact, I've already messaged her about booking an appointment for next month, so watch this space!


  1. *fist bump* and the end comments about your Mum had be howling. They look fab! Xx

    1. Hahaha she will learn to love them, I'll make sure of it! ;) thanks girl! XXXX

  2. Yassss your lips look amazing - well done on dealing with the pain you champ!

    Claire | Vanity Claire xx

    1. I feel like childbirth would be a less painful option! (although I'm not gonna lie I've already booked in for my next appointment haha!)

      Claudia xx