Friday, 13 January 2017


I remember back in high school and college when I had my own ‘signature scent’. I would wear the same perfume religiously day in day out because a) I loved it, obviously and b) I was 17 and didn’t wanna spend £60 on a bottle of something else and end up hating it, so I stuck to one. Vera Wang – Princess.

It was only when I got into blogging and saw girls I followed raving about other scents that I actually branched out and tried something new, and finally understood the difference between a ‘daytime’ perfume and an ‘evening’ perfume. For example, I wouldn’t rock up to work at 8:30am on a Monday morning with YSL – Black Opium on cos it’s just TOO heavy. Unless I was planning to seduce my boss or something. (I’m not planning to seduce my boss, by the way)

Now I have quite a collection, with my favourite daytime scents; Marc Jacobs – Daisy and Honey, and my favourite evening scents; YSL – Black Opium (so I can do all the seducing I like) Giorgio Armani – Si (which is just the most delicious thing ever) and Diesel – Loverdose.

The Fragrance Shop have recently created the Discovery Club, which is perfect for anyone wanting to try out a new fragrance, without splurging on a full size bottle. I’ve been in department stores before where the shop assistants GLARE at you for even giving your wrist a little spritz with one of the testers on display, never mind actually asking for a sample! I used to work at John Lewis, so I know that almost every brand has sample sizes for customers to take away, but the assistants act like they’re coming out of their wages if anyone asks about them (ridiculous, I know!)

The box’s are packed with 10 sample size perfumes, all premium brands (no Charlie Red here!) Mine contained Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Paco Rabanne, Versace, Jean Paul Gaultier and Agent Provocateur. Perfect for taking on nights out or weekends away! You can set up a subscription, which is an absolute STEAL at just £5 per quarter, or buy a one off box for £5. Each box also comes with a voucher for at least £5 each fragrance, should you wish to purchase the full size bottle. Interested? Get yours here:

*this product was a PR sample


  1. I don't think I've tried Black Opium before so I might have to look out for it x

    1. It's so nice! Perfect for a night out or dinner date! XX