Thursday, 15 December 2016



I've been ill this week with tonsillitis....AGAIN *eye roll*. Which means I have had absolutey no shortage of time to spend stalking alllllll my favourite MUA and beauty bloggers on Instagram, and discovering loads of new wonder products to my ever-growing beauty wishlist. Fortunately for me, my brothers haven't bought my Christmas presents yet so I will be lucky enough to be unwrapping some of these babies on the 25th!

At the moment I've been using a cheap foundation from NYX Cosmetics. I bought it for my holiday in August when I was absolutely caning the sunbeds and with moving out and getting my new job and just generally being a busy gal, I haven't got round to getting a new one. I'm bored of MAC studio fix and was feeling adventurous in Debenhams beauty hall the other day so I picked up a couple of samples from Clarins. I have an oily T-Zone and have heard great things about Ever Matte and so far so good! I've been using 'Amber' for daytime and 'Chestnut' for weekends.

I usually use the Urban Decay Surreal Skin powder foundation over the top of my normal foundation on nights out because it makes my skin look F-L-A-W-L-E-S-S. No joke. It's incredible. So incredible that I actually bought about 3 tubs, which in hindsight was a great move because the whole Surreal Skin range got discontinued and replaced with Naked Skin. It looks the same so I'm guessing it's just the same thing with a difference name! I hope so anyway cos I've asked my brother to get it me!

If you haven't heard how amazing this stuff is then there is no other explanation than that you have been living under a rock for the last five years.

The world went craaaaaazy for this lipstick after seeing these photos, and it flew off the shelves. But now it's BACK. The pics have me baffled though cos it looks like a shiny barbie pink, however the website describes it as warm metallic peach? Don't really wanna pay £18 (incl. delivery) for metallic peach thanks. Do I take the risk? ALL WILL BE REVEALED.

Who doesn't love CT? Absolutely everything from the celebrity inspired lipstick ranges (big up KKW!), to the luxe gold packaging, to the lady herself, I am obsessed with! But I am still yet to own any of her products. Purely for the fact there is no CT counter near me, otherwise I would be stocked up with every item ever...and also bankrupt and living in a shed behind my parents house. But whatever. I follow a gorgeous girl called Polly on Instagram and she wears this duo and it looks amazing on every photo, so I NEED IT. So mum if you're reading this get to the Trafford Centre NOW. Thanks.

These keep selling out and it's no wonder why! At £21 for 35 eyeshadows, they are unbelievable value for money and the range of colours is so good. Non of the random greens or bright blues that you get in an eyeshadow set that you are never gonna even swatch. I can't decide Koffee and Nature Glow!

Again, part of the Naked Skin collection. I watched this in store last week and HOLY HELL I thought God himself was beaming a strobe of light down on me, it is SO pigmented and beautiful! I'm slightly worried in case I do get this for Christmas...I'll get overexcited and wear it all over my face and body instead of limiting it to my cheekbones. 

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