Tuesday, 27 December 2016


It's almost impossible to hear the phrase 'new year' without thinking of this meme:

So instead of harping on about how I'm gonna be a better person, stop drinking, binge eating and getting up to mischief every weekend, cos we all know that ain't happening, I thought I would set some realistic targets.

1. Get into more of a routine with my blog. So instead of posting randomly throughout the month, I wanna post more regularly and stick to a schedule.

2. Get better at blog photography. Looking back at my photography from just last year makes me cringe cos it is SOOOOoOOO bad. It was only recently that I learned how to take a decent flay lay and I invested in some photo props and a marble background. I was actually going to buy a new camera with my Christmas money but it's going on a deposit for a trip to Vegas next year now instead. So blog.

3. LEARN HOW TO USE IMOVIE. Yep. My vlogs are terrible quality. It is literally just me sat on my bed chatting shit. But I LOVE recording them, and you seem to love watching them as I always get requests to do more! But the fact I can not use iMovie to save my life pains me because I wanna be able to add cute music and text and effects to make them look pretty so this is definitely high priority for next year.

4. SAVE MONEY. Again, one that really should be high priority but anybody that knows me, knows I am SHOCKING with a capital 'S' at saving money. But now I'm at the ripe old age of 24, I wanna start looking at the bigger picture i.e buying a house, plus I wanna see more of the world.... which means going a bit further than Marbella!! Vegas, Dubai, Miami, Oz, Bali and Thailand are all on my 'to-visit' list so I'm gonna have to stop buying £26 lipsticks and start doing some serious saving.

5. Keep on top of my fitness game! When I got back from Thailand in January I was probably the fattest I had ever been, and looking back at the photos genuinely makes me cringe. Since then I got a PT for 6 months who really helped me focus on getting my body, and confidence back! I'm not saying I wanna lose 10 stone, get a six pack and develop quads the size of a small country, I just wanna carry on being at the point I am now- where I enjoy eating healthily and working out.

6. Make more effort to see my friends. I'm lucky to have an amaaaaazing group of best friends in my home town, who I see whenever I'm home, but for the ones who have flown the nest, and the onesI  met at uni etc I really want to make the effort to see more. My mum bought me the cutest Ban.Do diary for Christmas, so I have no excuse not to get some weekends pencilled in!

7. Travel more in general! I've already got London, Belfast and Amsterdam booked so far this year, but I wanna make more plans! European city breaks, UK breaks, anywhere and EVERYWHERE.

8. Do the splits. Bit random, but I am soooo close it's really frustrating! Plus I need a party trick for next time I'm thrust into the spotlight at a talent show on a reality TV show.


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