Tuesday, 1 November 2016


Did you know that the Regis salon in the Trafford Centre has had a makeover? Well, it has, and it's back and better than ever! I was recently invited down for a restyle- perfect timing as I think you could actually see my roots from outer space they were so big. I have been umm-ing and ahh-ing for AGES (if you follow me on Twitter or Snapchat you will feel my pain!) about getting the chop, going back to brunette, ANYTHING that was going to switch up my style a little bit. Although to be fair I have been saying this for the past year, and always end up getting the same colour and about 2mm snipped off the end. Typical.

Of course I spent the week before my appointment scowering through my 'Hairspo' boards on Pinterest and obsessing over Khloe Kardashian's blonde lob. But I was determined to leave the salon with something new.

I arrived last Wednesday into an absolutely gorgeous salon. So modern and fresh and the receptionist very extremely attentive- I had barely stepped foot into the place when my coat was whipped off and I was sat in the chair with a coffee and a copy of Cosmo. Chris, my stylist, talked through with me what I had in mind and suggested THE CHOP. I nearly cried when he asked if my hair had always been 'fine'(!!!!) and was half tempted to scroll back to my Facebook photos in 2008 when I had a thick head of gorgeous, glossy brown hair to prove I did once have an impressive barnet as opposed to the three strands of spaghetti I was currently sporting. I was pretty adamant about staying blonde so he used a combination of three fresh, clean blondes to brighten up my hair. 


FOUR HOURS LATER (and a faaaaabulous curly blow) and I was done! My hair felt SO much thicker and I was bouncing around the shops afterwards feeling like a Cheryl (what's her last name now, hs it reverted back to Tweedy?!) on the L'Oreal adverts. 


From straggly rat tails to shorter, choppy layers with looooads of texture. Thank-you SO much Chris and the team at Regis for pampering me!

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