Monday, 14 November 2016

10 Thoughts That Go Through Your Head During a Half Marathon

So, many of you will know that last week I ran my first EVER half marathon! I have never been a runner- like to the point of where I would actively volunteer for the long jump or shot-put at school sports days because I knew everyone else was crap at them as well so I wouldn't be too bothered about losing so badly- so for me to enter myself into a half marathon was MAJOR.

I did it for two reasons; 
1) because I wanted something to help me stay fit. It's winter, its dark and its bloody freezing, so it's SO easy to just get home from work and snuggle up in front of the telly with a hot chocolate and my dinner. A marathon requires a hell of a lot of training, so although there were sooo many times where I was suffering from a major case of CBA, I put my trainers on and I went running. Another huge motivator was fund raising. I've never set up a Just Giving account before, but I am so glad I did! Whenever I couldn't be bothered to go running, I would look at the generous donations from my family and friends and it forced me to power on!

2) I wanted to challenge myself. Like I said, I am NOT a runner, but having done the Yorkshire 3 Peaks, Born Survivor and Rough Runner this year I was looking to squeeze one more challenge in before I throw in the towel for 2016 and let myself get fat for Christmas.Not gonna lie, it was only when I signed up and paid for the run that I realised it was 21km, and the most I had ever run was 10km, so it was time to put in some serious work!

For anyone looking to sign up for their first half-marathon/full marathon next year, do it! You will surprise yourself! To give you an insight into my thought process before, during and after the run, here are 10 thoughts that went through my head...

1. What is carb loading? I've heard so much about it but I don't really like eating carbs after 7... 

2. Will there be actual toilets? I'm not gonna have to squat by the side of the road like Paula Radcliffe am I?!

3. It's today. What if I don't complete it? Will the people who have sponsored me ask for their money back and MacMillan will put me on the blacklist because I'm crap at fundraising?

4. Have I downloaded enough episodes of 'Serial' to cover the duration of the run? I'll download 8 just in case (6 hours 32mins) What if I'm actually running for that long?! And when I eventually get to the finish line it's pitch black and everyone's gone home?

5. Ok so everyone is overtaking me. I'm the worst runner in the world.

6. Feels like I have been running for AGESSSSSSS...Oh I've just passed the 4 miles marker. Only 9.1 to go... *gulps*

7. Oh my god some people are already on the way back!! HOW

8. Oh my god I'm on the way back! And I'm not last! In fact, there are loads of people behind me..I'm not the worst runner in the world!

9. Haribo. YES.

10. I'm about to cross the finish line......I've crossed, it's done, it's over!!! I AM AN ATHLETE!!!!!!!!!!!! *passes out on floor*

So yeah, you could say I was pretty chuffed with myself, especially considering I was in a wheelchair 2 years ago and I didn't think my leg would ever be 100% again.

Wonder what 2017 is gonna have in store for me...


  1. Wow congratulations! I don't think I could ever get the motivation to do something like that!

  2. Thank you! I'm just glad it's over hahah. You would be surprised you know! ;)

    Claudia xx