Friday, 2 September 2016


Ok, so the title is a LITTLE bit optimistic. Last week I went to Barcelona with my best friend Sarah. I'm not gonna lie, the whole 6 days are an absolute blur (in the best way!) Although the majority of my weeks activities are definitely NOT suitable for the blog, there are a few places that I had to share with you all!

Firstly- the hotel. WOW. We stayed at the Barcelo Raval for three reasons- 1. The Trip Advisor ratings, obv. 2. The location. It was a 5-10 minute walk from Las Ramblas (the main strip in Barca) 3. THE ROOF TOP POOL! #slayin.
The interior of the hotel was really quirky and modern and impeccably clean. I loved the dramatic contrast between the black and the pink and all the unique lighting! There was a huge life-size statue of a black acrylic horse in the lobby which was just fabulous. At night the security guard stood by it and I couldn't help wondering if he ever gets tired and just mounts it for a bit of a lol.
The staff were also a major asset to the hotel. They were soooo friendly and attentive, (especially cos me and Sazzle didn't have a clue what the time or day was half the time) Due to our early flight, we arrived a couple of hours before we could check into our room, but instead of being told to wait, we were upgraded to a junior suite! It had a huuuuuuuuge bed and this huge shower that was right next to the bed. *nudge nudge wink wink*

Roof top chillin'
In fact, I loved the hotel so much that I even created a Trip Advisor account and wrote a review. *paints nails emoji*

We attended DGTL festival on the Saturday. Unfortunately this sweaty, double-chinned, underwear flashing, weirdly happy photo is the only one I have- not the best I've got to admit but I think it pretty much sums up the first day!

BRUNCH AND CAKE- Probably the most Instagrammable cafe ever. If you visit Barcelona you HAVE to eat here. I was recommended to go by a friend and oh my word I am so glad I did! They don't take reservations, so you have to try and go at a non-peak time (i.e NOT lunch time, unlike us). We were waiting for about 45 minutes but it was so worth it. I ordered the smoked salmon and scrambled egg bagel, which came with curried hummus, watermelon and a lil side salad with feta. I also got a superfood smoothie, I forgot the flavour but it has dates and almond milk and cocao and tasted like HEAVEN.

Although we didn't do ANY tourist-y things (oops) I was determined to visit La Boqueria after seeing the same bloody picture of those smoothies on Instagram all summer. And voila- my very own! I'm not gonna lie, we were only actually inside La Boqueria for about 10 minutes because we were both reeeeeally hungover and as soon as we clocked a skinless sheep's head chilling on display we had to get the F outta there. 

We decided to pop into MakaMaka on our way home from a hard day's tanning at the beach, but after a bit of research, I have noticed it popping up in everyones Barcelona recommendations! It's a burger place just off the beach, and the food is insane. I ordered the Caribbean chicken salad which has looooooads of avocado, and Sarah got the topless burger and an obligatory Fanta Limon. (Are you REALLY on holiday if you aren't drinking Fanta Limon though?) We also got the 'hummus threesome' (lol) to share and oh my god I could eat this for every meal for the rest of my life. The flavours were beetroot, caramelised onion and apple and hazelnut. APPLE AND HAZELNUT HUMMUS. Don't knock it before you've tried it!

We also had a fabulous meal at Gallito which is just by the famous W hotel, and some delicious tapas at Taller de Tapas in Rambla Catalunya. I didn't manage to take any photos because I was too busy getting absolutely hammered on the vodka sodas. The waiter pours the vodka at your table and I think ours forgot how much a measure was because it seemed to be 95% vodka, 4% soda and a slither of lime thrown in as garnish. I wasn't complaining though!

So, my personal Barcelona travel guide is a little bit thin on the ground, but I definitely can see why it is so many people's favourite city in the world. I can not WAIT to go back. Until next time, Barca!

Have you visited Barcelona? What was your favourite thing to do/eat/see?


  1. Sounds and looks like such a fun trip away and the hotel looks amazing! x

    Beauty with charm

  2. I love barca, such an amazing city. La boqueria is quiet a sight to stroll around
    livinginaboxx | bloglovin

  3. It sounds like you had the funnest time ever there! I love Barcelona so much and need to go back. Those pink chairs in the first hotel are so gorg!

    Sarah xxx