Thursday, 28 July 2016


1. You lie to yourself on MyFitnessPal to make it look like your always under your daily calorie goals. Nobody needs to know about that extra slice of cake in the office, right?

2. Whenever you finish a workout, you calculate how many extra calories it means you can drink at the weekend. One 60 minute Legs, Bums and Tums class and 2 Body Attack classes means at LEAST 3 bottle of Prosecco.

3. You have Pinterest boards full of 'Fitspo' and 'Body Goals'. However you always find yourself way more engrossed in the '#FoodPorn' boards. Did somebody say deep fried cookie dough?!

4. If you didn't tweet/instagram/snapchat that 9am spin class, it didn't happen. THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW YOU WORKED OUT.

5. You always buy clothes a size smaller, for motivational purposes. ....Three years later you find them crumpled up in the back of your wardrobe- labels intact, and STILL not stretching over your thighs. gr8.

6. You start a new diet every Monday morning. But by dinner time you've already scoffed a packet of crisps and fun size Mars bar.

7. You always go straight for the salad option on the menu whenever you dine out. Until you realise the chicken Caesar salad actually has more calories in it than the steak pie and chips.

8. You read a blog about superfoods and presume this means it's acceptable to eat unlimited amounts of each. 1 tablespoon of peanut butter = 90 calories. That ladle you just inhaled? THOUSANDS.

9. You look through old photos of yourself and wish you were as 'fat' as you were when you first thought you were fat. *Cries*

10. You wonder why the hell you aren't losing any weight?!?!?! And then you realise you had three breakfasts and a Maccys for dinner.

In the wise words of Khloe K....

......*orders Dominos*

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