Saturday, 4 June 2016


Nowadays there is a subscription box for almost eeeeeverything; beauty, healthy snacks, even dog treats(!) but non have really made me want to actually take the plunge and sign up- until I came across the Gin Explorer*.

The concept behind the box is discover more about various gins from around the world by being taken on a journey, each monthly box introducing you to FOUR delicious new gins!

Firstly can we just take a moment to admire this box! I absolutely love the whole 'ahoy-me-hearties-pirate-treasure-map-exploring-the-world' vibe it's got going on. Massive hit and I hadn't even opened it yet!

The box is absolutely bursting with bits and bobs, so I thought I would start with the leaflet and get the DL on what I was about to down in one (joking...kinda)

It explains all about which countries I would be sampling in the May box, which happened to be Tuscany, the Netherlands, Menorca, South Africa and the good old UK. I'm not afraid to admit that, although gin is my absolute go-to spirit of choice, I know absolutely nothing apart from that I love a good Hendrick's and slimline tonic with a slice of cucumber on a warm day. Or any day, for that matter. So I was exciting to start learning!

So what else is included? Well, as well as four individual double bottles of each gin, there is also extra information and discount offers from each brand, tasting notes, mouth-watering gin cocktail recipes. Each box varies with exciting surprises and contents, and with the May edition I also received a Double Dutch gourmet mixer in the flavour 'cucumber and watermelon' which just sounds incredible, and a long bar spoon so I can look the part whilst showing off to my pals with all my new-found gin knowledge. 

It's taking serious willpower not to crack one of these open, but I suppose it is 11am. Follow me on Twitter here and keep an eye out for me tweeting my opinion on each sample!

A one-off box costs £24.99, but if you sign up for 3 months or more the price is discounted. And even better- sign up to their newsletter and receive £5 off your first order! (and what more reason do you need to get tasty gin delivered straight to your door?!)

PLUS. It's almost Father's Day. And if your Dad is anything like mine, then he is the HARDEST person to buy for EVER. So finally I can surprise him with something he will actually love! (And not give me his usual fake smile when I buy him some Echo Falls from the Spar like the last minute Larry I am)

Visit the website HERE for more details.


*This box was kindly gifted to me by the Ginius' (see what I did there) at Gin Explorer, but all opinions are my own, as ever!

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