Thursday, 16 June 2016


I don't spend nearly as much time with my mum as I would like. Especially as I have just moved home from living in Sheffield for the previous five years, so almost every weekend so far has been spent catching up with my friends, or on holidays (lucky me!) I've started taking for granted the fact that I see her all the time because I live with her, but I am always so busy that making each other a green tea in the morning, or rushing past in the hallway to go to bed at the end of the day doesn't reeeeeally count as quality time.

We have both always wanted to visit Edinburgh, so when she suggested booking a weekend mini-break to explore the city together I jumped at the chance! I am obsessed with anything do to with to horror movies/ghosts/paranormal activity, and with Edinburgh having a reputation for being one of the most haunted cities in the UK, I couldn't wait to go ghost hunting!

And here with have the traditional Scottish dish of stuffed vine leaves and baklava! Ok, I know you're thinking wtf does that have to do with Edinburgh? And the answer is nothing! However, my mum is a die-hard Trip Advisor devotee, and she saw how highly rated this little Greek restaurant was and insisted we visit. The place itself- Meze Meze, is down a little side street in the city centre. It's so small, but not long after we sat down, the place filled up and the waiter was actually having to turn people away! So that's always a positive sign. We ordered three dishes each and they were absolutely divine- such fresh, authentic flavours. I'm gutted I didn't get a photo of the chicken skewers- they were a meal in themselves! I never usually allow myself to get a dessert, but as soon as I saw baklava on the menu I HAD to get some, and managed to force my mum to get some too so I didn't look like a pig by myself. Again -amazing. 

My mum had already booked us on a tour of 'The Dark Side of Edinburgh' for later that evening, but it sounded a little too tame for my liking so I managed to persuade her to come on the 'Underground City of the Dead Tour' too. Personally I wanted to go on the 'Double Dead Tour' but it collided with the pre-booked tour. Next time!

The tour guide himself, David, was absolutely brilliant. The way he told the ghostly tales was so theatrical and really engaging. He led us through the most haunted section of the underground vaults, 'Damnation Alley', telling us chilling tales about what life was like back in the day and the paranormal activity that has been seen/heard/FELT. I won't ruin it for anyone who is planning to go, but it was VERY spooky and I would fully recommend it! The only thing I was gutted about was the fact I didn't sense ANY paranormal vibes...not even a creepy footstep...nothing!!! David said you're more likely to sense one of the ghosts that has been sighted before if you are a couple in your 20's or an older woman. Ok so just rub it in a little more that I'm single...CHEERS DAVE. At the end he asked if anybody had any questions about any of the stories he had told, or the history of Edinburgh, and my mum asked if he had studied performing arts :| IRRELEVANT MOTHER.

No idea what this building is but my mum wanted a photo LOL
The second tour- The Dark Side of Edinburgh was a bit of a disappointment if I'm honest. It involved a lot of walking, a tour guide who said 'in respect of' and 'essentially' in EVERY. SINGLE. SENTENCE. and about a million random stories relating to the history of Edinburgh. The only slightly creepy one was about the grave robbers at the very end. Which is great if you want to learn about Edinburgh, but not-so-great if you were hoping for something to send a little chill down your spine.Not to mention it was almost 3 hours long, so I kind of lost concentration towards the end.

We must have walked at LEAST 2384734938 miles on Saturday, so we had a little lie in on Sunday and then spent the day mooching around the centre. We couldn't come to Scotland NOT sample the culinary delight that is haggis, so we were pleased to see our hotel served a vegetarian alternative at breakfast. Yeah I know, it's not real haggis (it was basically a nut roast lol), but there is NO WAY a sheeps/cows/whatever it is' stomach is going anywhere near my mouth thankyou very much.

The city itself is absolutely stunning, from the historic buildings, to the vast, glorious gardens. Certainly puts P-Town to shame I'll tell ya that! It's so funny because almost every shop in and around the Royal Mile is either a Scottish tourist shop selling souvenirs, kilts, cashmere, shortbread and all that, a whiskey/gin shop or a pub! I bought my brother some haggis crisps as a souvenir. Cos nothing says 'love you' more than offal flavour snacks, right?!


Such a lush weekend exploring Scotland's capital with my favourite person. Have you been on any ghost tours? I'm already planning my next one!


  1. I absolutely love ghost tours haha! I like being scared and I find them so interesting x

  2. I too love horror films although I'm a massive scaredy-cat when watching them. I screamed a few times whilst watching The Conjuring 2 in cinema a few days ago lol :P It sounds, and looks, like you guys had a lovely time :) Xx


  3. Oooooh that sounds amazing! I really wanna visit Edinburgh anyway so why not put this tour on my list as well ;)

    Love, Kerstin