Monday, 23 May 2016


Recently I have been getting loads of comments asking about how I curl my hair and what products I use. I'm a huge fan of big hair, and due to my own hair falling out daily due to excessive over-bleaching to transform me into the blonde bombshell I am today, I have to work a bit harder to give it a bit of volume!

You will have seen in my latest birthday post that I got this bad boy for my birthday - the Cloud Nine Waving Wand. And I am NOT joking when I say it has COMPLETELY changed my life!!!!!! No more leaving my rollers in for hours on end, only for the curls to drop out a couple of hours later, no more attempting (and failing) to curl it with my GHD's, and no more splashing my (non-existent) cash on getting a curly blow at my hairdressers! 

The barrel is so thick, it creates a gorgeous soft curl, that stays in all night, and the next day too! It takes about 15 minutes to curl my whole head- meaning I have more time to put MORE make-up on (lol).

Here are some recent pics from when I used my waving wand. If you're equally as impressed as I was, buy it > HERE <

And before you ask- no this isn't a sponsored post- I just REALLY love my wand ok!


  1. I've heard of Cloud Nine before and I NEED to get this wand!

  2. Your hair is AMAZING! I really like the blog :)

    Samantha |

  3. Your hair is GORGEOUS and I'm totally in the market for a new wand. I've never heard of that brand, I'm definitely going to check them out. Thank you for sharing!!

  4. If I could comment with a row of fire emojis, then I would. You look AMAZING, and I need that wand pronto.

    Claire | Vanity Claire

  5. Your hair is gorgeous!! I can't believe it only takes 15 minutes to style your hair! xx

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