Monday, 4 April 2016


Not trying to blow my own trumpet here, but as a regular gym-goer, I would say I'm pretty fit. The classes I do at my own gym are challenging, but there have only been a few times where I have been literally dragging myself along the floor to leave because it has been so intense.

I heard about TRIB3 on Twitter, as the studio is based on Ecclesall road where I used to live in my student days. The classes are divided up into lower body, upper body and full body workouts and last for 45 minutes. Think Barry's Bootcamp-kinda vibe. I am a huge fan of trying anything new when it comes to mixing up my workouts, so when I was in Sheffield over the weekend I just had to try it out for myself.

The industrial-style interior of the building is absolutely stunning. Every detail has been paid attention to- including the toilets which have showers, hairdryers, straighteners, free tampons, and even Batiste dry shampoo! It's clear that no expense has been spared- and it really makes a difference. I could have moved in then and there! There is a reception desk, a waiting room and branded merchandise  available to purchase. My favourite part has to be the bar! No alcohol here though, just a selection of delicious protein shakes in the most indulgent flavours made fresh to order- and completely guilt free!

The studio itself is SO intense...but in a good way! I felt my heart rate increase as soon as my Nike Free Runs stepped through the door. The lighting is dark apart from coloured lights on the ceiling, and there are no mirrors or clocks (which is a good thing!) When the workout started, so did the music, loud, upbeat hip hop- my favourite genre! I felt like I was in a music video! I've done so many classes where the music was just too slow but this was absolutely bang on and really motivating!

The workout itself consisted of a mixture of treadmill, weights and floor work. The first stint on the treadmill was hard enough (on an incline of TEN at one point, can I just add!!!!!!) but when Hannah, our drill sergeant...I mean trainer, told us to get back on it half way through the class I nearly passed out! 

No joke- blood, sweat and tears went into that 45 minutes! I was sweating from places I didn't know it was physically possible to sweat from. But however hard it got, I didn't give up and I felt untouchable afterwards! We were all given a cold, wet flannel before we stretched off (lovely touch!) and I'm not joking- actual steam was coming off my forehead! Now THAT'S when you know you've worked hard.

After the class, one of the other staff members came in to take a photo to upload to the social media pages. (Another really nice touch!) Thank GOD the camera is pretty far away though so you can't see how red and sweaty I am. (My hair was literally in a dreadlock bun on my head and my face looked like I had just had a chemical peel it was so red) God knows how I'm even mustering the strength to crack a smile in this photo never mind bust out the peace sign! (Hello Becca next to me!)

I was pleasantly surprised by the manager (I think?!) getting one of the girls at the shake bar to rustle up this for me as I left the studio. It's a berry protein shake and it was DELICIOUS!  

Thank you sooooo much to the TRIB3 team (especially Hannah for putting us through our paces!) By far the best workout I have ever completed in my life! I will certainly be bringing my gym kit with me every time I visit Sheffield in future so that I can come and get my ass kicked again! I'm just gutted that it's only recently opened because it's located on the same road I lived on for my last 3 years at uni- I would have been there daily. No joke. It's addictive.

If you are one of the lucky ones who still lives in Sheffield then make sure you check out the TRIB3 website here and try it for yourself!

Some of my fave gym fits to get you looking the part pre-beasting:


  1. How much are the classes x

  2. This looks like so much fun!! Gutted I don't live near Sheffield haha. I'm now going to the gym and I'm just gonna be upset about the lack of cool lighting xx

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