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So it’s my 24th birthday on May 16th which is only a couple of weeks away! (2 weeks and 5 days to be exact). I used to count the days, hours, minutes and seconds till my birthday when I was younger, but nowadays the thought of getting another year older horrifies me! Especially now that I am hitting the mid-twenties. However, as long as I would still be selected for the X Factor ‘girls’ category instead of the ‘overs’, I’m happy. *smug face*

My birthday wishlist is pretty hefty this year as you can see. Not because I feel like 24 is a landmark age and I need to be spoilt rotten, but because I haven’t published a ‘lust list’ in a while so this is kind of a build-up of the last couple of months. (But Mum- if you are reading this, yes I am 100% expecting to unwrap everything pictured below on the morning of the 16th. Don’t let me down. It's my birthday.)

Starting top left clockwise:

The Balm Mary-Loumanizer. Heard amazing things about this highlighter so I feel like it needs to take pride of place in my make-up bag. Especially now that it’s almost summer- it would look amaaaazing with a natural tan.

Moschino belt. I recently won £200 in a fashion blogging competition (thank you to everyone who voted for my Ladies Day OOTD!) so I feel like instead of frittering it away on random shit, I want to buy something to show for it. I spied the skinny Moschino belt on the Selfridges website for £120 so it would be a perfect investment, AND it leaves me £80 over! (…to fritter away on shit.)

Celine Sunglasses. A liiiiiittle on the pricier side but they are just SO fit. Although I saw some really similar ones in Aldo recently for £40. At least at that price I can wear them to pool parties on holiday and get drunk and not care if I sit on them or not. Winner!

Zara Leather Jacket. How amazing is the colour! Leather, pleather, whatever. It’s so cheap I don’t know why it isn’t already hanging in my wardrobe?! Mum?!?!

Too Faced Melted lipgloss in ‘Peony’. Such a gorgeous colour. However after spending a small fortune on MAC lippies recently, I couldn’t bring myself to fork out another £19 on this bad boy.

GHD classic curl tongs. My heated curlers broke recently, so I have been scowering the web for their replacement. If anyone can leave a comment with any recommendations, then let me know! I want big, loose curls as opposed to party sausage curls that make me look like an Edawardian. Thanks in advance.

Moroccan Oil. I’m planning to go back full Barbie blonde for my birthday, so I am going to need some SERIOUSLY incredible hair treatments to stop it all falling out by July.

River Island bikini. I love the style of this bikini, especially the silver coins on the bikini top. I feel like it’s perfect for ocean club or another pool party and it saves me having to look for some form of body jewellery to wear on top. It’s always a pain finding bikinis that fit me properly because I struggle to find ones that fit my boobs well! I mean, I’m not exactly Katie Price, but I’m not Miley Cyrus either! UGH.

Christian Louboutins in ‘So Kate’. Yeah, the colour is a little garish but I absolutely LOVE it! I think they would look amazing with all black. If I chicken out last minute though I want them in nude or black.

Nike Roshe Run trainers. I have some neon orange Nike free runs that I got for my birthday 2 years ago but they are sooo filthy now it's getting to the point where I need to invest in a new pair. I always wear black in the gym so I feel that I may as well continue this adventurous colour scheme into my choice of footwear.

Calvin Klein bralette. Is that a bandwagon I see getting closer and closer?!?! Yeah, I know I'm about ten years late to the party where it's acceptable to post a half-naked picture on Instagram with the caption '#MyCalvins' and pretend I'm Kendall Jenner but whatevs. It's my birthday and I'll wear Calvins if I want to.

Origins GinZeng. As a heavy sunbed user, I need every single miracle cream that is going to prolong the time it takes for me to slowly turn into a leather bag. The texture of this is unreal, think of it like a cheaper alternative to the Estee Lauder night repair cream.

Giorgio Armani 'Si' perfume. Perfume is such a crap present to get somebody. In my opinion it's so thoughtless. Like chocolate. Or the dreaded BATH STUFF. As much as I love Lush products I don't want a box full of bath bombs, thanks. However, I am in need of a new fragrance to add to my collection, and this smells absolutely divine! (N.B... If you are reading this thinking yep I'm gonna buy this for Claudia on her birthday- the 100ml bottle plz.)

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